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  Used in the 19th and 20th centuries as a pejorative term, oftenly assigned to men who didn’t fit in the society’s idea of masculinity, the word “queer” has been appropriated by the LGBT community to include the growing acknowledged diversity within the community. In the same attempt of a wider inclusion, new acronyms have […]

Have you ever wondered who in Pentagon disturbs the most in their group chat? Or who is similar with soft stans? Well, they name themselves. Check out the exclusive interview! Part of the K-Pop industry since 2016, Pentagon has been conquering Universes everywhere – and it’s no different in Brazil. Around here, the Brazilian fans […]

Before her concert at Rio de Janeiro’s Anime Friends,  NADA sat with K4US and ranted from her relationship with Brazil to sexism in music industry. She’ll be in São Paulo next weekend, make sure you don’t miss it! At RioCentro’s second floor, where the carioca version of Anime Friends took place, NADA was talking freely […]

A despised concept by the Korean industry itself, plus size fashion gains space helping women on accepting and imposing themselves before society. From animal violence to harmful beauty standards, the fashion industry has many cruel sides. In South Korean fashion, the issue of standards goes even more extreme. Just a quick search for the term […]

South Korea’s LGBTQ+ community has no law to protect them and is constantly under attack from the conservative population, still they’re thriving and getting more visibility in the last few years. Seoul Queer Culture Festival growth is a good example. From 50 atendees in its first edition, the festival now reaces a new attendance records […]