During an interview, (G) I-DLE chose which places in Brazil they would like to visit ~ Obviously we would not miss the opportunity to praise our country and Brazilian fans. We also talked about the expectations for the group’s first global online show, their inspirations, and delved deeper into the personality of each of the girls.

The group (G) I-DLE will perform on July 5 their global online concert ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I’. Originally, the (G) I-DLE would visit 32 cities on their World Tour. However, due to the precautions and social isolation related to COVID-19, the world tour was rescheduled and transformed into a global online show.

“It was a difficult decision to make and we appreciate your understanding in prioritizing the health and safety of the artist and the public” – Explained Cube Entertainment in an official note.

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1) (G)I_DLE has been conquering the world for being an innovative group, much in lyrics of songs and concepts, as in the individual charm of each member. This is not different in Brazil, where the group has thousands of fans. Do you feel proud of the work you have been doing?

MIYEON: We’re grateful for so much love and support. We just want to present something better each time for our fans, regardless of the outcome.

MINNIE: Since debut, we didn’t expect to get so much love, because we know how difficult it is. I wouldn’t exactly say ‘proud’, but I just feel ‘surprised’ for all the love and support that we are getting.

2) A lot of fans say that (G)I-DLE’s songs sound different from other conventional girl groups initially, but the more we listen to them, the more addictive and interesting they become. Do you also have this view on your productions, or have you never analyzed that way? If so, is it an intentional feature?

SOOJIN: Each of us has unique vocals, so I think this is what makes our song addictive.

SOYEON: We just do our style of music, and I think fans seem to find our vocals unique.

3) During your period as a trainee, it’s certain that you dreamed to be a global group and to conquer fans around the world. How does it feel to know that this is happening and that (G)I-DLE has fans in the four corners of the planet?

YUQI: We’re very excited and happy.

SHUHUA: I am so flattered and nervous that we can influence people around the world. I always want to show a new aspect of us to our fans. 

4) With the music video “Oh My God”, (G)-IDLE returned with an image even more powerful. Beyond powerful vocals and striking choreography, the MV is also remembered for the strong performance of the members in dramatic scenes. How was the process of finalizing the mini-album “I Trust”? When it comes to composing and choosing the songs, recording the MV… What were the difficulties and the positive points of this specific work?

MINNIE: Soyeon did most of the work.

SOYEON: We had difficult times in worrying about how we should express this song, but fortunately the outcome was just as we intended.


5) How was it, for each member, to live the experience of Queendom? We believe that the biggest surprise and gift was LION’s performance, which made to the mini-album “I Trust”. Can you tell us a little bit about the rehearsal routine for the program and how LION was born?

SOYEON: When we heard that the final contest in “Queendom” was going to be about new songs, we had to act quickly because we do all the composing ourselves. We thought of ‘LION’ concerning ‘KING’, which can also relate to ‘QUEENDOM’.

YUQI: We think we have matured a lot through ‘Queendom’. We were able to advance our skills by preparing various types of performances.


6) We realize that the members are always very focused on the performances, and have fierce eyes and strong expressions. What do you think of while performing on stage? Do you have any personal strategies to concentrate on?

SOOJIN: I only think about our dance moves when up on stage, so that I won’t make mistakes.

SHUHUA: I remind myself that I am a star on stage.

7) (G)I-DLE’s songs became a something like comforting for the fans, they give fans strength in good and bad moments of their lives. You girls ended up becoming a reference for your fans as well when it comes to behavior, points of view, and even looks. How does it feel to be in this position? Is the pressure too much? What kind of influence do you aim to be for the ones who admire you?

MIYEON: We’re just grateful to know that so many fans love how we are, even when we’re not on stage. It makes us think that we should be more of a good reference with good influence and energy.

YUQI: I’m also grateful and happy for all the love and support. I don’t feel pressured. I just want to be more of a good influence on fans.

8) Can you reconcile work routines with leisure moments? During free time, do you like doing things together or do you prefer to prioritize your privacy and distance yourself a bit? What do you mainly focus on doing during these free moments?

MIYEON: I spend most of my free time at home drawing, reading, and watching movies.

MINNIE: We spend most of our time in privacy. We each have our ways of spending free time, but sometimes we end up hanging out with each other.

SOOJIN: Both. Sometimes I need some time in privacy, and sometimes I spend most of my free time with the girls.

SOYEON: I watch animated movies or read books during my free time.

YUQI: I feel like Korea is my second home, thanks to the girls. So I spend most of my free time with them. If not, I spend my time studying Korean.

SHUHUA: I spend a lot of time with my dog when resting. 


9) Speaking a bit of our country, Brazil. When it became public that the Brazilian Carlos Gorito had featured in your song ‘Señorita’, excitement took Brazilian K-Pop fandom and the fans were very happy about it. There is also a great expectation for (G)I-DLE to come to our country as soon as possible. Considering this, do you expect to come to Brazil to concerts or fansigns? Can the fans wait for this? We’re not sure if other celebrities that were here had told (G)I-DLE about Brazilian fans, but we warn you: you should come prepared because Brazilian fans are passionate like no other. They scream, they sing entire songs with the artists… From the beginning, it might seem overwhelming but as time passes by, it becomes more and more fun! We hope you might like to feel the warmth and love from Brazil!

MIYEON: It makes us excited even by imagining ourselves visiting passionate Brazil! I hope we have the chance to do so soon.

SOOJIN: I really want to visit Brazil! I’ve heard of Brazil’s passion, so I hope I can visit and feel it myself.

SHUHUA: I am so honored for the love we receive from Brazil NEVERLAND. We would love to come to visit you soon.


K4US: These places seem to be from different countries, but they are all in Brazil (the country is large)! When you come to Brazil make sure that the local producer takes you for a walk in one of them! Which one of these four places would you most like to go?

MIYEON: LENÇÓIS MARANHENSES! I love the open view of that place!






10) Finally, in July you will have an online concert, where fans from all around the world will be able to watch you. What is the group’s expectation for this transmission? Can you leave a message for Brazilian fans inviting them to watch the show?

MIYEON: We’re glad for this opportunity to meet our NEVERLAND far away. We are preparing hard, so I hope you guys wait just a little bit longer. We miss you and love you, Brazil Neverland!

MINNIE: We hope NEVERLAND all over the world enjoys the show together!

SOOJIN: It’s kind of sad that we aren’t able to have this concert offline. But we have prepared hard, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

SOYEON: Hope you love and enjoy our first concert!

YUQI: We won’t let our NEVERLAND down. Hope all of you enjoy the show! Although we aren’t able to visit Brazil, we will try to as soon as possible. Thank you and I love you!


We asked some unconventional questions to the girls and asked them to answer truly with whatever was in their hearts!

Happiness for me is…

MINNIE: Happiness for me is NEVERLAND.

SOYEON: Happiness for me is being free. I love my parents who are always on my side.

YUQI: Happiness for me is to be loved.

How I feel on rainy days…

SOOJIN: On rainy days, I feel like staying home.

SHUHUA: I like to stay home when it rains, as I love the atmosphere.

What my group means in my life…

MIYEON: What (G)I-DLE means in my life is ‘destiny’.


We proposed to the (G) I-DLE the game THIS OR THAT (would you rather) that went viral on Instagram. The girls filled their templates with their preferences. Do you have something in common with them?

The idea of ​​the game is to get to know a little more of each of the members! Have fun!


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