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Inspired by the art that strengthened the LGBTQ+ community during the 80s, resistance spaces grow in Korea. During the 1980s, the New York urban scene saw the Ballroom culture grow, true nightclubs that opened doors for black and Latino people from the LGBTQ+ community – especially trans, non-binary and drag queens – to perform and […]

Korea’s independent music scene grows every day along with its female artists presence. We can all agree that, these days, the biggest music phenomenon has been K-Pop. Korea’s popular music has been increasing in strength and space all over the world, but it also narrows the way for other music genres and artists to reach […]

They talked to K4US about making their union official in a country where LGBTQ+ marriage isn’t legal. In the past few weeks we saw two lesbian couples go viral with their wedding ceremony and photoshoot pictures. Not only the fact that they were adorable reached an audience of over 20K people, but the fact that […]

K-Pop fans often discuss about the sexism in Korea. But do we even know what we’re talking about? What exactly is the reality experienced by Korean women? Author’s note: This article’s Idea came up to me when I got to know FFA’s work through a Nipple Free  demonstration they did After Sulli’s participation on Night […]

When you think there’s no way KARD might get better, the group comes through, shows love to women and life and opens up in a very laid back chat. KARD probably is the most remarkable expression of the mix between Korean and Brazilian cultures already but they never seem to get tired of surprising us. […]