We talked to UNVS, the first group to hold a video call meeting with Brazilian fans! In this interview, they told us that having fans in Brazil is surprising, in addition, they chose a location in our country to record an MV and opened their hearts … They told curiosities and talked about family!

We came across a very receptive group! We are sure that you will like to know a little more about UNVS! Enjoy ♥


1) Let’s start talking about your last work, Give You Up: We came across a painful romantic song, a powerful choreography, with consistent raps and vocals. How was the preparation for the Give You Up phase and what is the most important message that you think the song conveys?

JUN H.: I remember preparing for Give You Up in a very short time. It was the song that went through the most changes out of all our songs. We had very little time, but we didn’t rush things through. We took enough time for each process and did our best, so we were quite pleased with the results.

The biggest message of the song is that even though the seasons change, my love won’t change. The verse ‘When winter leaves and spring comes, come back into my arms’ expresses those emotions.

2) You recorded 4 clips sequentially, in TIMELESS (February), SOLAR ECLIPSE (April), GIVE YOU UP (May), and now your new song SAND CASTLE (September)! It was certainly exhausting to have to rehearse, make recordings and promote your singles in different media in a short period of time. In addition, you often post covers and exclusive content on youtube. The fans are certainly proud of your dedication. What is the best and worst part of having a life full of commitments? What do you do to relax and recover your energy?

YY: The best thing is that we can always communicate with our fans. Also, it’s really a big joy that we can keep on doing the things that we like. There isn’t really a negative side of it, yet. When we get to rest, we usually all go visit our parents at home. Family is the best.

3) In your presentations on stage, you seem extremely focused and your faces perfectly shows the feeling of the songs, in addition to the synchrony that is amazing. What do you usually think about while you are on stage? What do you usually do before going on stage?

JUN H.: There isn’t really a specific thought that comes to mind when we are on stage. One thing I can say is that our team is very different in real life, compared to our stage looks, which is also a big strength of our team.

When we’re on stage, we immerse ourselves into the song and act like it’s our own story, but off stage we’re all goofy and silly.

So before we go on stage, everyone is a bit sensitive. We always monitor every rehearsal and tell each other what we need to complement, like the flow of our dances or the overall stage condition

During that process, everyone is very sensitive about their own performance so it sometimes feels like walking on thin ice…

4) Taking into account the chronology of your MVs, UNVS is finally having a comeback! What can we expect for the new song ‘Sand Castle’? What would the members personally like to explore in the next songs? (from songs, choreographies, to recordings and concepts).

JUN H.: I personally want to show you the style of UNVS. Not some kind of genre of song or choreography, but we want to make our own style for UNVS and show it to the audience.

YY: UNVS definitely has its own style, so I would like to challenge ourselves with various genres and make a new version of it, in UNVS style.

Eunho: We have so much that we want to show you through our new song ‘Sandcastle’, but I mostly want to concentrate on our concept. We tried out a new concept in bohemian style and expressed our free souls. I think we pulled it off better than I expected us to.

Changgyu: Through our new album ‘Sandcastle’ I dyed my hair in a brighter color to try out a new style. Until now, I showed the cute sides of me, my nickname also being Jak.so.Chang(short for small and precious Changgyu in Korean), but this time I’m aiming for a sexy concept, so watch out!

Jen: I want to show the audience everything that we are capable of, and that we can pull off any song and genre in our own style.


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5) Nowadays UNVS is having a worldwide reach, thanks to globalization of the K-Pop musical genre. How do you feel knowing that your songs reach and excites so many people that are on the other side of the planet, like is the case of our country, Brazil?

Changgyu: Like our fans in Brazil, it’s still a surprise that people from the opposite side of the globe know and support us. We are so grateful for their love and we would love to perform in front of them in person as quickly as possible when we get the opportunity to.

Although we are far away from each other, I know that our hearts are bonded. We’re always thinking about you and utterly thankful for your support. Let’s cheer up and stay healthy, waiting for the day we can meet!

I want to meet UNVS!

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6) You always had the goal of being idols? When did this desire arise in you? Did you receive family support to follow your dreams in this career?

Eunho: Since I was very little, I loved singing and it made me so happy. I would record covers of my favorite singers and let my family listen to them. They would always compliment my singing, so I naturally dreamt of becoming a singer. Then, all of a sudden I had to go study abroad so I gave up on my dream and started with my studies. But even during that time I would always go on stage for prom parties or song festivals, so that’s when I felt for sure that I had to become a singer. Without my family knowing, I secretly came back to Korea and started doing music again, and now here I am. At first my family was disappointed, but now they are the biggest supporters I could ever have.

7) Probably each one of the members already imagined how it would be the feeling of being admired for their fans. The sensation nowadays is close to what you dreamed it would be? How do you feel when thinking about your fans these days?

Jen: I had a lot of stage experience when I was in highschool, because I was part of the dance club. I imagined ‘This must be what it feels like to be an idol. And the cheering would be much louder.’ But now, due to current situations, we can’t perform in front of our fans, which is such a pity. Still, even if we’re not performing in front of them, we can feel that they’re sending us a lot of support and love. Just thinking about them makes me feel like the whole word is mine.

8) Like idols, you are an example to many young people around the world. How do you deal with this responsibility, by imagining that young people mirror you? Who were your role models when you were younger?

Jen: It’s a great honor that someone sets me as their role model. But that also makes me feel a big responsibility. I don’t feel it as a big burden and just try to be my true self. That’s because if someone thinks me as their role model, they would have admired the real me and my accomplishments, not a made up version of me.

JUN H.: Since debut, G-Dragon has been my role model. He always tries new things and makes his own trend.

YY: My role model is Michael Jackson.

Eunho: I’ve always admired Eric Benet.

Changgyu: I’ve always liked Min Kyung Hoon from Buzz. I was also in the school band when I was in highschool and Buzz was my favorite band. I want to look good like him, sing well and bring out emotions like he does.

9) Can each member tell us something about themselves or their personalities that fans still don’t know? – Something that you would be happy to tell them, and that you think is important for them to know – exclusively in this interview.

JUN H.: Fans usually know me as a very bright and fun person, but the songs that I right are mostly deep, sad and emotional. Our fans will probably be surprised!

YY: I’m very shy and don’t speak a lot, but when you know me for a long time, I’m quite talkative and like pulling pranks. So don’t think me as a difficult person!

Eunho: I love UNUS much more than you think I do.

Changgyu: Since I was in kindergarten, I learned a lot of instruments, like the janggu and kwaengwari. I’ll show it to you some day!

Jen: Many people think I’m just young because all the members are older than me, but I want you to know that I’m quite manly and reliable.

10) We want to propose to you to make a choice. Brazil is a country with continental dimensions and incredible places to visit. We chose some places that would be a perfect environment to record a music video. Which one would each member want to shoot a music video for?

JUN H.: I pick Campos de lavanda em Cunha (SP)! I want to film a music video while the sun sets behind us.

YY: It would be great to film a video at Capos de lavanda em Cunha (SP). I really like the nature. The grass, the flowers, I think they will look beautiful in the video.

Eunho: I choose Campos de lavanda em Cunha.

Changgyu: Phew, they’re all beautiful so it was hard to choose. I like the sight of widespread nature and places where I can see the sunset, so Campos de lavanda em Cunha would be a great place for a music video.

Jen: I like Parque Lage (RJ).

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We appreciate the availability and affection of UNVS with this interview! We hope to see you in Brazil as soon as the global pandemic scenario improves! We will be looking forward to this day. Thank you CHITWN Music and Highway Star for providing this material to fans in Brazil and fans around the world.

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