Meet 15 international illustrators who are inspired by K-Pop and make completely enchanting arts that boost the musical genre worldwide!

Just like in our previous article, where we presented Brazilian illustrators, this time we decided to bring together 15 names of incredible international illustrators who make arts inspired by K-Pop and their artists. We tried to bring illustrators from all around the world to compose this list and show how K-Pop is global and completely diverse. Also, we cannot forget to thank those talented artists for making these fantastic works. Like we said in our other list, we really love to see our favorite artists with different perspective and rereading.

Felicity / @bubblyfelicity

Country: Sweden / 🇸🇪

@bubblyfelicity says that her art runs between realistic style and cartoons, categorizing a semi-realism! Her inspiration comes mainly from K-Pop idols and their looks and outfits, which for her are a lot of fun to design. She adds: “I started drawing manga when I was younger and eventually started mixing the manga style with more realistic features like ‘bigger’ noses and a more realistic looking lips”.

Dodi / @dodi.arts

Country: Malaysia / 🇲🇾

@dodi.arts says her creations range from oil paintings, textured art and hand-painted art with realistic strokes, semi-realism and even more stylized art. Her paintings are generally textured, but still soft at the same time, trying to imitate a more traditional style. She adds: “Usually when creating, my hopes is that a message that is trying to be conveyed can be portrayed in the final outcome of the painting. Often, a message o harmony or beauty. Peace or calmness”. Then she ends hopefully: “I really hope that the messages will be translated through my drawings to those who see it.”

Eli / @eli_paint_

Country: France / 🇨🇵

In terms of her art style, @eli_paint_ replies: “I have always been a fan of painting. Impressionism is my favorite painting movement! So I inspired my art style with it.”

Lauri / @evilhya

Country: France / 🇨🇵

When asked about her drawing style, @evilhya says she goes in many artistic directions. She likes to try and explore new styles ranging from digital art, brushes, watercolors and more. She still comments with a relaxed air: “I get bored very easily, that’s why I can’t get stuck in one specific style”.

Jo / @jomowo

Country: Chile / 🇨🇱

The chilean @jomowo says with a fun air that she draws based on semi-realism and that she also always likes to add doodles to almost everything she draws. A registered trademark of herlself.


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#xiaojun #wayv

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Country: Thailand / 🇹🇭

Showing to be a very talented nctzen and wayzennie, @kendo_boy1997 says that the style he is interested in drawing at the moment are portraits and graphic illustrations.


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Country: Belarus / 🇧🇾

@mnstrrexia says that her art is based on watercolor and the “wet on wet” technique, which is a painting style that consists of layers of wet paint being applied to layers of wet paint previously administred.

Nam / @nam_draws

Country: Mexico / 🇲🇽

About her art, @nam_draws says with simplicity and honesty: “I draw digitally, I don’t really follow a style. I like to experiment seeing different drawing techniques a lot.”

Pepakomi / @pepakomi

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얼쑤 ! ! !

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Country: Indonesia / 🇮🇩

“I don’t have an especific art style that I follow, since I’m still learning and want to explore more other techniques.”, begins @pepakomi, but then she ends with a fun air saying: “But for now, I think I’m more inclined to semi-realism.”

@ciie__l / @ppang_uyu

Country: Georgia / 🇬🇪

@ppang_uyu comments that she is inspired by many artists: “I look for something with a simple but detailed style. I often use pastel colors, as it is more pleasing to the eye since I like everything to be ver aesthetic”. In addition to K-Pop, she also loves making anime illustrations, Studio Ghibli films and some works of her own!

Nikki / @shooky_dough

Country: Australia / 🇦🇺

Asked about her art, @shook_dough says she prefers to draw traditional and semi-reaslistic style. “Sometimes I also like to use digital art!”, She adds in an extroverted tone.

Sejeong Park / @sp_art_

Country: South Korea / 🇰🇷

Questioned about her style, @sp_art_ responds simplistic, but with a kind air, that she follows semi-realism as the her biggest inspiration for her artistic style.


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⭐⭐⭐ #txt

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Country: Kazakhstan / 🇰🇿

@vats9_9 tends to follow a semi-realistic style of drawing. In her works, it is also possible to find pieces about the chinese drama The Untamed, and go from famous movies such as The Handmaiden, to anime and other works of her own.


Country: Italy / 🇮🇹

Asked about her art style, @xxmalato.jpg responds without delay that it is digital art. However, she points out that if she takes into account that her current works, and latest style she has been experimenting with, she concludes that her works are a combination of “ideas” and “commercial products”. She then comments: “I am inspired purely by the works of Mimmo Rotella, who is known for his décollage – an artistic style that consists of instead creating an image of parts that are pre-existing, it is created cutting, ripping or removing parts of an original image – and for the street art that I see, or at least I saw before the quarantine, everyday on the streets.”, she jokes at the end.


Country: Canada / 🇨🇦

About the style in your works, @yeooongi says that she prefers drawing in a more “warm”, sketchy and loose art style.

And finally, but not least, I would like to thank immensely all the amazing artists who accepted to participate in this list! The purpose of this article is, in addition to praising these very talented people, is to give more visibility to not only K-Pop, but all art in its own essence. Thank you for allowing us to publicize your work here and to trust in our website! We hope that, increasingly, art and K-Pop will gain prominence and respect worldwide.