We talked to KARD! The group that for the first time in four years will not be able to come to Brazil (due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s show was postponed to the next) gave us an interview with several important information. We talked about J.Seph’s going to the army, individual activities and how fans can really help the group.



Hi guys! Glad to be in touch with you again!

Our last interview yielded excellent quotes, which left fans excited to learn more deeply about their thoughts on valuing women, respecting gender, and caring for the mental health. Your words circulated the fandom and warmed their hearts. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to be in contact with KARD again and bring new content to Brazilian fans and around the world!

This time, we want to do something more intimate, and allow fans to feel more closer to you, so they can learn to respect your individualities and private space. And that is what Brazilian fans like. Let’s go?

Kard: Let’s do it! 

K4US | #01 | KARD seems very focus when performing on stage. You guys use a lot of strength and synchronism even when the movements are fast and hard, as if nothing is in your way. What do you think when you are dancing?

BM: I think of passing good vibes for the fans!

J.Seph: I keep thinking: I can’t make a mistake! I’m being recorded, so I have to make it look good!

K4US I So J.Seph focuses on don’t make a mistake. What  do you do to focus?

BM: I focus on the strength I have do apply to the choreography.

J.Seph: I focus so I can make the performances, having fun at the same time.

K4US I When you dance, where do your eyes lay? …On the fan’s eyes, on their reactions, on a fixed point of the ambient? We are curious. 

BM: I always look for the fan’s eyes or a little bit above.

Somin: I think I tend to look for the camera.

K4US I Just one more thing…. hehehe. Especially your faces are really expressive. Is this something that comes naturally, or do you need training?

J.Seph: It’s because we always revise our performances to see how’re doing.

J.Seph: I think that’s something that comes without much thinking… Probably that’s something that comes naturally. hahaha

K4US | #02 | Do you usually keep yourselves informed about what people say about you on the internet, or do you prefer to avoid it, because, sometimes, it’s a toxic environment? Do you have updates on numbers of fansites, fanfics, forum comments, hashtags on twitter, and so on? If so, is it because you look for it, or do the staff informs you?

BM: I tend to search for it and see… a lot!

Somin: I also search a lot to see. 

K4US | #03 | Here at K4US, we approach our readers with matters involving mental health care. And we would like to discuss this with KARD as well. Do you guys have anyone to talk to or unburden in difficult times? What do you do to overcome these moments and move on? What’s your advice for someone who is going through a bad time?

BM: Life has always its ups and downs. And when we’re below, it’s good to think that from there, that’ as just things upwards.

K4US | #04 | Idols can go through a lot of pressure along with their career, either by public pressure, society, and media or even by the difficulties from the profession. In these cases, fan’s support can be of great importance to make them feel good. How would you like the fans to support you in a difficult time and under strong pressure?

BM: I’m grateful for every word fans say to us and the greatest  support they show for me is when they come to see us live!

Speaking of wich, recently BM did a live in which he reported that DSP Media is not in good financial conditions due the pandemic, and his fans wanted to know how to help effectively. We believe that the BM’s response in our interview can also the answer the question “How can we help KARD and its company?” – Going to the group’s events such as concerts and fansigns.

The KARD tour in Brazil was not canceled, it was relocated to July next year. There is still time to purchase your ticket and help the group, besides of course having a lot of fun, because KARD’s concert is an unforgettable experience.

K4US | #05 | In Brazil, we are following social isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To help fans get a little distracted in this delicate moment, could you indicate a movie, series, drama, book, or song that you like and think has the power to calm or entertain?

BM: My suggestion is J.Cole! I like J.Cole’s FOREST HILLS DRIVE album a lot.

K4US | #06 | During the last concert in Brazil, BM climbed on an iron structure from the stage, and fans got worried about him (with fear of him falling or get an electric shock). With that, they saw the manager’s dedication to protect him, and everyone became also a manager fan (they admire him with respect). How is KARD’s relationship with the team that accompanies you and works behind the scenes to ensure your commitments and image?  

BM: It’s very good! Really good and we live peacefully as good friends!

Somin: We know each other well and it’s always funmaybe that’s because we work together for a long time.

KARD’s manager appears frequently in Somin’s personal channel on youtube, check out:

K4US | #07 | Jiwoo, you’re participating in a program that brings together different types of women to overcome challenges in conjunction. Is there any special lesson that you have learned from this experience? What was the feeling of working like this and meeting artists so different from each other? (Tell us about your experience with the show)

Jiwoo: I was a little worried but it was a lot more fun than I thought … and it was an amazing experience.

K4US | #08 | BM, with the big tiddie committee and your compliments about your professional colleagues’s bodies, you end up showing yourself as a man farther and farther away from what is called toxic masculinity. How do you feel about this mentality that has been imprisoning men for an unhealthy and limiting lifestyle for years?

BM: I discovered what “fragile masculinity” is through this question! But I think this is not a good thing. I think that men can be “strong” without having to demonstrate wrongly that they are strong!

If you’re not familiar with the concept of toxic masculinity, as BM also wasn’t, we explain it to you.
Toxic masculinity defines the male ideal image as someone who suppresses emotions and behaves based on a mentality of aggression, status and violence. This idea of ​​masculinity also disseminate sexist ideas and behaviors, reflecting them on men’s own experiences.

K4US | #09 | Most fans have already seen their favorite artist saying goodbye for a period of 2 years to serve the army. It’s a moment of preparation to miss your Bias a lot. But, we imagine that for artists, the feeling can be different and diverse. How have you guys been feeling with the idea of being separated during this period? J.Seph, do you feel prepared?

J. Seph: I don’t think I have much to prepare for. When the time comes, I will carry out the military service in peace.

Somin: It still doesn’t look real. Maybe we will feel it for real when he goes.

K4US | #10 | You seem to have a close and very honest relationship with the fans. Why do you believe that, unlike other groups, you can feel so comfortable in your relationship with the Hidden Kards?

BM: I think it’s because we do a lot of presentations. When we hold concerts, both we and the fans enjoy the moment and it makes us more comfortable with each other…

BM in Porto Alegre, Brazil / Pic: Caroline Dadalto @ K4US

We invite the fanbases of each member to make specific questions for each of them! Check out KARD’s direct response to fans who dedicate their days to bringing translated group information to Brazilian fans:

Questions for Somin – by Somin Brasil

1. How does Minny J influence you as an artist? How is your creative process and what motivates you to continue showing some of your personality as a digital Youtuber/Influencer? 

Somin: I gained more self-esteem knowing that I am able to try other things!

As it is a job that is totally unlike the singing profession, at the beginning it was very difficult, but many people around me have helped me a lot .. So I have been able to work well!

The video editing is done by a very good professional and that is why, every time I record, it makes me more willing to communicate with people and to share with more and more people.

~We want to thank you for trusting the fans to show your routine and tips on the channel! It’s really cool to see you talking comfortably. We will love to see a vlog of your coming to Brazil next time. 


2. Have you always had your family’s support for choosing following an idol career?

Somin: Yes, they supported me a lot and were very happy when I said I wanted to be a singer!

They trust me a lot and have always supported me. I think that’s why I was able to concentrate a lot on training.

3. What was your biggest difficulty during the trainee time?

Somin: I suffered a lot because I wanted to be better every day. Every step I took there was a stone on the path that I had to pass. And that stone was too big and too hard to break. I cried a lot and went through times of frustration. But these sad times made me stronger and I managed to win and act well…

Questions for J.Seph – by J.Seph Brasil

1. If you were a movie character, which one would you be, and why? 

J.Seph: Woo Sik Choi from the movie “Parasite”. I would like to play a role that is calm but that has strength in your voice.

2. We know that in the KARD, each of you has a role. But is there any area that you still haven’t been able to explore as an artist that you would like to experience in the future? We know that you’re interested in acting. Have you thought about who would you like to act with?

J.Seph: Yeji Seo, because I really like the feeling of coldness that she portrays.

3. What was the moment when you realize that you would like to be an idol? How was this process for you and how did your family react to it?

J.Seph: I believe becoming an idol was the best thing I’ve done for my parents. Since primary school, I dreamed of being an artist in this world without knowing anything. But with relief and experience, until today, we realize daily that it is a profession full of charm.

Questions for Jiwoo – by Jiwoo Brasil

1. You’re known for having a creative look based on your own original ideas. Becoming a Kpop icon fashionista was in your plans or did it happen naturally?

Jiwoo: It’s the first time I’ve heard that I’m a fashion icon in K-pop. And I don’t consider myself one haha.

I think they judged me in a good way, my style of showing exactly what I am, without wanting to pretend something, and not copying other people’s style. Since I was a child, I have become more and more like my mother’s style.

2. Jiwoo, its remarkable the strong connection between you and your pet, Tani. Having her as your partner motivates you to be close to animal protection causes? Do you feel like doing some kind of work or awareness campaign about it?

Highway Star (the company responsible for the tour in Brazil) offers a form of payment for KARD concert tickets, where fans get discounts when they donate food to help animal shelters.

Jiwoo: First, I want people to understand the word “pet” as “an animal that lives together, for love” and not just “a breed animal”

I have already done volunteer work for Abandoned Animal Protection Centers and I am also very interested in campaigns that aim to protect animals.

I already planned to set up a group with people close to me to periodically do voluntary work for this purpose but I was unable to establish… I hope everyone is interested and helps in this cause!

3. KARD fanbase is really big outside Korea. When you started, would you imagine that KARD would be successful in other countries? How do you feel about that? 

Jiwoo: I never imagined that popularity either in Korea or outside. We always do our activities thinking about how thankful we are for all this.

Questions for BM- by BM Brasil

1. How was the trajectory of your brand idea [Staydium] until the release and how do you participate in the production process? Do you believe that you were influenced, in any way, by your parents’ profession? 

BM: Yey! We launched a new line called BIGTIDDIEGANG!


2. Do you think you would have pursued an artistic career if you had continued to live in the USA?

BM: I don’t think so.

3. We love the IGTV video talking about SoundCloud songs production. Which part of the process do you find most difficult?

BM: I write thinking of always answering what our fans want to know!


We’ve played “this or that” with KARD! Check out the members’ responses and see what you have in common with each of them!

We are grateful to KARD’s willingness to answer all of our questions and the questions of their respective fanbases! We thank the producer Highway Star for making the creation of this material possible.

Translation: Cho Unsorii
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