When you think there’s no way KARD might get better, the group comes through, shows love to women and life and opens up in a very laid back chat.

KARD probably is the most remarkable expression of the mix between Korean and Brazilian cultures already but they never seem to get tired of surprising us. K4US had the opportunity to do an exclusive Interview with the group, the last one held in Brazilian territory (WOW!), during the 2019 WILD KARD Tour. We failed to amuse you until here? What If we told you that there were talks about women’s freedom, jokes, revelations of hidden personalities and message about valuing life?

To the ones who are not familiar with KARD’s members names and faces (If that’s even possible!), here goes a “who’s who” for you. Now check the interview and tell us: ain’t that a hit?

First of all we want to congratulate you for your increasing success and thank you for gifting fans with yet another concert tour through Brazil. That’s your fourth time in here and this is the third tour that our country receives. What do you believe that makes Brazil so special to have this honor?
Jiwoo: The honor is ours.

BM: Yeah, the honor is ours to be here so many times. The fact that the fans like and dig our songs… And not only this, but to like our group, KARD, to give us that much support is really gratifying and I’d like to thank you all for this.

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This is KARD’s third time in Brazil with Highway Star, which shows that a great partnership happens between the two parts. Have KARD and the Korean staff team got used to the Brazilian team already? Do you have a good relationship?

BM: Yes, we got really close to them and they have teached us a lot of portuguese words and that’s why “eu gosto” (he said It in portuguese, the term means “I like It”). They also worry a lot about us, always trying to make us try delicious food and giving us tips about Brazilian culture. We’re always grateful for that.

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Here in Brazil there’s this tradition amongst soccer players who score three goals, in which they can request a song to be played on a huge TV show. If you could request a song, one that you’re currently into and listening to a lot, which one would it be?

BM: Abusadamente. It’s a very hyped up song.

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With all the visiting Brazil thing you probably already know a lot about our culture. What is your favorite part on touring here?

J.Seph: I really like the food here. I tried a meat here called “picanha”. I know that in Brazilian culture lettuce wraps (with fermented and spicy soy sauce) are not common but I took this sauce to a restaurant and made a wrap with picanha. It was a fusion between the two cultures and the flavor was awesome. I know it’s not exactly a culture thing but the flavors and foods’ fusion got a big impression on my memory.

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Let’s say that for the next comeback you can choose a completely different genre compared to the ones you’ve been working so far. What would that be?

BM: A concept that could bring hope and strength to people

Somin: Yeah, like the Pesadão Song (by Iza)

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Is there any funny stories that you can share with us about the tours, regarding fans or cultural differences?

Jiwoo: I slipped and fell during the Encore. It didn’t hurt much but the embarrassment was bigger.

BM: Me too. That never happened in my life but I fell during the encore and it hurt a lot, aside from the embarrassment I felt.

J.Speh: And I saw Jiwoo falling and was embarrassed for her.

Jiwoo: It’s because I fell while I was splashing water on J.Seph. I was really embarrassed.

J.Seph: That’s why we have the popular saying “You reap what you sow” (laughs)

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KARD has a really close relationship with the fans and oftenly chat with them through lives or answering instagram stories. We even saw that BM answered a fan about valuing life. How do you feel about being role models to these people? Is it a huge responsibility? Because aside from the fact that a lot of fans might find strength in KARD to cope with daily struggles, they might have the group as inspiration to develop drawing skills, writing skills and all kinds of artistic features.

BM: At first I didn’t feel that much responsibility, but recently I started to realize that talking to people about valuing life really is a huge responsibility. It’s just that I had no idea that my words would touch people that much. I thought they would listen and leave it at that, after all, I only spoke because those were things that gave me a lot of strength. But then I started reading comments saying that they also felt motivated by everything I said. The feeling reading these comments is unexplainable. It seems like some action and reaction thing. I speak, the fans feel good and I, reading the comments, feel even better. And with that, the thought that I have to be responsible for the things I say increased.

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J.Seph, you’re know by the fans for being the playful one. What side of your personality is the least known and you’d like people to pay more attention?

J.Seph: Actually, I know how to cry too. Not sad tears. I usually cry when I see things that make me emotional. There are things that move me when I’m watching soccer too. For example, a player once kicked the ball and accidentally hit a kid. In the end of the match he personally apologized and gifted the kid with his shirt. I cried watching this. I really wanted people to know about this emotional side of mine.

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Jiwoo, you’re known by Brazilian fans for your love for beer. In some places, women who are into drinking are judged (not us tho. By the way, we approve! Badass!). What would you say to someone who does this kind of judgment? What is your favorite drink?

Jiwoo: Actually, I’m not that into beer. My favorite drink is wine. I guess people think I like beer because they saw some posts I made about beer (laughs). I don’t get why women can’t enjoy drinking. We’re in 2019.

BM: Girl Power!

Jiwoo: We’re allowed to enjoy things, have fun… Why do people have to talk about it?

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Somin, you present a very calm and quiet image to the fans, some of them even consider you the “mother of the group”. Do you actually feel like you fit this role? Does the audience expectation, in any way, influences your behavior?

Somin: Why do people have this “quiet” image of me? I guess it’s because I’m a bit shy but in KARD I’m the second most cheerful (J.Seph is the first one)

J.Seph: My opinion is that Somin is the most cheerful in the group. But I’d like to thank the fans who consider her KARD’s mom.

Jiwoo: Hey! It’s a Somin question!

Somin: I think that I can give off this quiet image because I’m not as proactive as J.Seph.

J.Seph: Thank you for remembering it. I’d like to make it clear that being proactive isn’t being nosy/pushy (laughs). I like being proactive specially when I’m in a good mood like today. It’s a very beautiful day out there.

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For the boys: we know how important it is to value women’s work in the entertainment industry. How do you feel about sharing your work with Jiwoo and Somin and how do you try to encourage both of them so that they always feel valued?

J.Seph: Just the fact that we have them already gives us a lot of strength. They can express a beauty and strength that we can’t. Even if we can, it’s completely different. Anyway, they have a special touch that us both would never be able to express and that encourage us as well.

BM: In the whole world the men’s image about a woman is that the man is stronger. In our group is different. KARD is only able to show strength because the girls are part of our group.

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For the girls: some of our interviewees have complained about the sexism amongst K-Pop. Were you apprehensive, in any way, when you found out you were working with men? What differs BM and J.Seph from the rest?

Jiwoo: Guys, when people use different treatments for two people of opposite genders (such as sexism) it is a bad thing. I think that we all can agree on this, right? We weren’t much apprehensive. I, for example, was really interested because it wasn’t a common formation and we could show something a lot different from what K-Pop fans were used to.

Somin: What differs our oppas from the others? What does that mean?

J.Seph: It’s for you to talk about our features.

Somin: Masculinity, the stage charisma and they give us strength, support… They’re funny.

Jiwoo: They are “well behaved”, give us advice when we need it.

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We know that BM has a family relationship with Brazil [for the international fans who doesn’t know about it: BM’s father has lived here for a while]. Have you thought about releasing songs in portuguese or for the Brazilian audience? Maybe even a collab with a Brazilian artist?

BM: Yes, I love Brazil. This time we had the opportunity to cover Iza and Falcão’s song [Pesadão] and I’d like to work with them! Anitta too, always. Thank you Brazilian fans for the support that you always give us.

*PS: Iza also expressed that she wants to work with KARD in the Capricho’s interview.

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You recently came back with “Dumb Litty”, which has a different visual appeal and concept. Do you identify in any way with the gods and goddesses you are representing in the song?

J.Seph: I played Dionysus. I’m a little bit like him on enjoying life but I don’t waste money for nothing.



If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life and it was a Brazilian food. What would it be? [for the international fans: google these and look for Brazilian restaurants to try it! They’re all delicious]

BM: Bolinha de queijo
Somin: Fini (candy)
J.Seph: Picanha
Jiwoo: Açaí*

*PS: After publishing some instagram stories about Frutti (her favorite Açaí brand), asking them to sell their products in Korea, the brand sent her a custom basket stuffed with products. This girl… Such an influencer getting treats and all…

The ideal vacation destiny:

BM: Fortaleza
Somin: São Paulo
J.Seph: Rio de Janeiro
Jiwoo: Florianópolis *She asked the translator to suggest her a nice place in Brazil and went on with the suggestion*

An unusual hobby/habit:

BM: Skateboarding
Somin: Don’t have one
J.Seph: Battle Ground, FIFA games
Jiwoo: Listening to music at home

The best part on being an idol:

BM: Making music
Somin: Touring
J.Seph: Meeting the fans, being able to feel their love
Jiwoo: Being able to meet the fans

The worst part on being an idol:

BM: None
Somin: Some criticism glances
J.Seph: There’s none. Actually, I think that we don’t feel anything bad yet. There’s a little thing here and there that might be uncomfortable but I think it all pays off when we see the fans looking at us and that’s why I wouldn’t like to call it as a “negative point”.
Jiwoo: Not exactly a negative point but maybe not having a normal life?

My best virtue is…

BM: Man tiddies
Somin: I don’t know
J.Seph: Cutie charisma
Jiwoo: I don’t know

My worst flaw is…

BM: I think too much
Somin: I talk too much
J.Seph: I don’t know how to lie
Jiwoo: I don’t know

I miss…

BM: family
Somin: family
J.Seph: family
Jiwoo: Tani [her dog], and my parents

A passion:

BM: Music
Somin: Family
J.Seph: Myself
Jiwoo: Family and Tani

A fear:

BM: Don’t have one
Somin: Height
J.Seph: Doves
Jiwoo: Bugs, birds…

Happiness is…

BM: Bolinha de queijo
Somin: Daily life things
J.Seph: What is close to me
Jiwoo: The smallest thing might be happiness

[su_quote cite=”Big Matthew”]Thank you for waiting ald always being with us, for enjoying our songs. We will also work hard to keep coming here. Thank you always.[/su_quote] [su_divider top=”no” style=”dotted” divider_color=”#f87f9d” size=”1″]

We thank KARD, Highway Star’s public relation team and the translator Cho Unsorii for their availability and for allowing us to interview KARD before their departure.


Interview by Bea | Reviewing by Caroline & Deska @ Equipe K4US
Translation KR/PT-BR by Cho Unsorii | Translation PT-BR/ENG by Bea
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