Recently, K4US had the privilege and the opportunity to interview one of Brazil’s darlings: Minzy! And there’s more: she was quite eloquent in matters involving mental health, something extremely appropriate for the moment that we’re living right now, isn’t it? In addition, she is currently part of the growing wave of k-pop artists who are able to speak openly about topics like this, being a reference for fans of Korean pop music. And it doesn’t stop here. We still talked about the success of her solo career, the online fanmeeting that is coming, her story with 2NE1 and much more.

Check out the full interview below and give lots of love to Minzy!

Minzy Interview

Hello, Minzy. It’s a huge pleasure to interview you. We wanted to start by introducing ourselves, we are an opinion and entertainment portal, which encourages young Brazilian fans of Korean culture to be questioners, to care about minorities, mental health, respect others and we also support the development of self-love.

In this interview we would like to talk about the success of your solo career, mental health that involves the fans and the industry, and we also want to know about your experience in Brazil, your past with 2NE1, and to end, we will also do a quick game!

We hope that this interview will be productive and fun for you!

1) In your most recent work, Lovely, has a very strong message of emotional support. You wrote this song thinking about that you personally lived? What was your intention? When you wrote, did you imagined that Lovely would be a comfort for people that are suffering with anxiety and depression because of the social isolation caused by the prevention of Covid-19?

The single Lovely is kind of like my gift for my fans. They waited and waited for my music for a long time. so I really wanted to surprise them and also heal them at the same time. Actually, when I had a hard time, I just write it down my feelings on the lyrics. and it gave me a positive vibe. So I hope that my fans feel better when they listen to LOVELY.

2) We imagined that nerd work as a soloist can bring you big advantages, like more autonomy in the projects, more involvement with the development of the releases… What was your principal professional realization in this new phase?

Being a solo artist is very lonely way. It needs a lot of brave. Thats why when artists become a solo, they feel emptiness.

That situation is very hard to get used to it. but on the other hand, Its a new chapter in our life too. I think there are both advantage and disadvantage in this. But if you stay focused on your career and embrace this new path, you can do anything.

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3) You are participating in a project as a mentor for university artists, right? How has it been the experience of guiding young people in a path that you already have followed? Can you see yourself in them?

They remind me of my childhood when I saw their practicing, studying, overthinking. They just look like Mini Minzy. I want to help them and teach them because I really think that they are my family. This experience is an irreplaceable treasure to me.

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4) A few months ago, we talked about some idols that have told their experiences inside the industry: until their best to their worst situations. And you also shared with the public about the complications that you have passed in this career and how that affected your mental health. Why did you decide to share about this part of your life? How does it feel to think that talking about those experiences you can help young artists in the same situation?

I want to tell people who is going through a hard time right now, Its not a shame to confess how we felt. depression, sadness, madness, anxiety, all people have that feelings. I hope people talk about it more comfortably and confidently, and also society has to provide more comfortable environments to them. The Important thing is we need to first change our perspective of mental health.

5) Frequently we see idols getting away from their activities to focus on caring about their mental health. Do you believe that there has been a change since your beginning in the industry, regarding to the care of the mental health of the artists? What do you expect for future generations of idols?

In fact, there is no change in care of the mental health of the artist. I think we need to try even more harder to change our perspective. I hope future generations of idols speak their own voice confidently.

6) After waiting for such a long time to meet you personally, the Brazilian fans finally had that opportunity in 2019, during the re-inauguration of the Korean Cultural Center. We know that was a realization of a dream for a lot of people, but we would like to know about the experience from your point of view. What were the impressions that Brazil and the Brazilian fans left for you?

It was my first time in Brazil and it was great to spend it with you all. brazilian fans are so energetic and passionate. Im very impressed about their energy. and also they are really good dancers too. when I was on the stage, they followed my moves really well. 😉

 I had so much fun at the stage. when pandemic ends, I would love to be there and meet with my fans.

7) During your time in Brazil, we don’t have so much sure if you get to taste some of our culinary. But we separated some typical regional dishes… We would like that you take a look and choose one of those dishes for you to taste, in case that you have an opportunity of coming back to our country.

R: Everything on the menu looks great. I want to try Acaraje? haha. It looks amazing!

K4US: Taking advantage of the fact that we are talking about Brazil… Soon you will have a virtual meeting with Brazilian fans, please leave a message inviting them!

Hey! guys! It’s minzy! hope you guys stay safe and healthy. I’m so happy to announce that we will have a virtual meeting with Brazilian fans. It’s been a while so,  I really missed you guys so so much! I hope I can see you soon asap. and please participate the fan meeting and have some fun talk with me! Love you!

I want to meet Minzy!

Recently, the production company Highway Star announced a fully online fan meeting between Minzy and her fans! The event will take place on the 13th and 14th of October, with various schedules, the first day being reserved only for exclusive rooms, where the meeting will be with only one fan at a time. Tickets cost R $ 170.00 + R $ 17.00 (fee). Foreigners can also participate.

Ticket purchase: Highway Star
Price: R$ 170, 00 + R$ 17,00 (fee)
Date: October 13th and 14th
More info: Click here!

8) In 2014, Brazil won a competition that said that 2NE1 would come to Brazil. Do you remember that? The fact that you came 5 year later, bringing so many love and dedication to the fans made them feel compensated. But the hope to see 2NE1 as a quartet on the Brazilian stages still lives inside the hearts of a lot of Blackjacks. We still can dream about this moment? You also have this will?

Blackjack will always be in 2ne1 heart, always. If we get a chance to get back together again, I will bring my members for brazilian fans.

9) We know that with a career so iconic inside 2NE1, the public can be stuck on this past. Do you believe that there’s a difficulty for people to unlink your actual work as soloist with the work as a member of 2NE1? If yes, how do you feel about that?

2NE1 is my root and color. If I erase them, my personality, roots and colors will disappear in my life. I can tell 2ne1 has inspired me to become what am I today.

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10) Like we explained previously, our website encourages self-love and positivity. Thinking about that, could you leave a special message for Brazilian fans with this theme?

If you love yourself first, you can love someone else too. I think brazilian fans are energetic and passionate, so please just compliment yourself with that energy. If you do so, people will get positive energy from you 😉  


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A song to dance a free style: Missy Elliott’s songs.
A K-Pop artist of the new generation to support: K-pop female solo artists. 
A book to read before sleeping: Bible.
A food to replenish your energy: Bubble Tea.
A verse/passage from the bible: Proverbs 16:3.
A place in Korea that people should go: Gyeongbokgung – The royal palace

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