In CHECKMATE’s first exclusive interview, the new K-Pop co-ed group talked about the success among Brazilian fans and what we can expect for september’s debut.

In an industry marked by the duality of girl groups and boy groups, co-ed groups are few. Perhaps that’s why, when faced with groups made up of men and women, the excitement is so great. And it has been no different with CHECKMATE!

Formed by NASON, NOAH, SIEUN, SURI and YONG SEOK, CHECKMATE will make its debut in September, under Grace Company Entertainment. But even before the long-awaited debut, the group has already shown the fans what is coming and, as the result of a series of cover performances, the members are already feeling the love and warmth of Brazilian and international fans.

On the eve of their debut, the five new darlings who have been shaking Brazilian and global audiences talked to K4US. Here’s CHECKMATE’s first exclusive interview!

CHECKMATE’s exclusive interview

First of all, hello! We’re happy to bring CHECKMATE’s first interview! You probably noticed that K-Poppers, specially the international ones, are being very receptive towards CHECKMATE. How does it feel to get this global attention and support already?

CHECKMATE: First of all, I would like to thank K4US for asking us for an interview. Thank you so much for your interest and love. COVID-19 spread throughout the world. We don’t want many people to get hurt. We look forward to meeting you face-to-face as soon as possible.

SIEUN: I was very surprised that you gave me a lot of love. We will do our best to repay your love.

NOAH: I still can’t believe it! [I’m] So happy!

YONG SEOK: Thank you for loving K-pop, and please show more interest and love for our Checkmate activities.

The Brazilian fans are also already crazy to watch you live, have you ever thought of such reception?

SURI : I want to debut soon and present cool music to our fans! We will try to meet Brazilian fans as soon as possible.

Checkmate has been a trio for some time, right? Were you supposed to debut as a trio as well or was the five members group a plan all along?

YONG SEOK: The members were five from the start. We revealed the three of us first as the other two were getting ready to show you a better performance.

How was the merging of the new members and the ones who were already performing as CHECKMATE? Were you familiar with each other even before the group was brought together? How did you all meet and what were the strongest impressions you had about each other?

SIEUN: First impression? I don’t remember Su-ri because we’ve known her for a long time, and the male members looked so kind.

SURI : That’s right! All the male members looked nice! She’s [Sieun] always been chic.

You already have some content online, consisting specially of K-Pop covers. In one of these covers you shared a very synchronized ‘RED MOON’ performance, a song originally by KARD, which is also a group formed by female and male artists. Are they part of CHECKMATE’s inspirations? Which other artists inspire you?

YONG SEOK: I like Kard’s music. Since we are a mixed group, we covered a lot of KARD’s music.

NASON : I think the fans liked the song called “Red Moon”. Thank you for your interests!

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How important was K-Pop while you were growing up? Have you always wanted to be part of the K-Pop industry? How was your journey through music that led you to become a CHECKMATE member?

SIEUN : We all had a dream of becoming singers since we were young.

YONG SEOK: Actually, I was more interested in singing than dancing. So I especially went to many concerts because I respect Queen.

Usually groups share a dorm but we understand that for a co-ed group that might be difficult. Are you living together in an arrangement like ‘girls dorm’ and ‘boys dorm’?

NOAH : We’re not living in the dorm yet.

The dynamics for a group with female and male artists is also different, right? What are the best and the most difficult parts of having a group formed both by women and men?

SIEUN : Our chemistry is so good… because female members are masculine and male members are feminine. There was nothing difficult.

NASON : That’s right. It’s a little uncomfortable to change clothes.

For the girls: What have you learned with the boys so far?

SURI: What did I learn? Yongseok and Nason taught me how to sing. And then they taught me how to exercise.

And for the boys: What is something that the girls have teached you?

NOAH: Suri&Sieun taught me how to take care of myself.

We understand that the training process might be really hard for the artists who are trying to make it to the K-Pop industry. Was there something that kept you healthy and sane through this process?

SIEUN: I love to read books.

SURI: I love eating delicious food.

NOAH: Me too!

YONG SEOK: I like to go to concerts.

NASON: Sing a song at anytime.

You’re up to debut on September, right? How long have you all been training under Grace Company and what is the image that you want to give out to the public as CHECKMATE?

SIEUN: I’ve been preparing for the team for about 2 years.

YONG SEOK: CHECKMATE wants to show a honest and free appearance to the public with powerful performance and cool music.

Considering that you might come to Brazil some day, be it for a fan event or even vacations, which of the places listed below would you most like to visit?






The fans are excited to meet you all and to get to know you all better. Can you help us with that? Tell us, with one word each, how would you describe your band members!

For the members, which words describe YONG SEOK the best?

SIEUN: gentleman

SURI: calm lake

NASON: dragon

NOAH: gentleman


For the members, which words describe SURI the best?

SIEUN: happy virus

YONG SEOK: energetic

NASON: cat

NOAH: sun


For the members, which words describe NOAH the best?

SIEUN: Sloth

SURI: sleepyhead

YONG SEOK: smileboy

NASON: mazorica →


For the members, which words describe SIEUN the best?

SURI: warm heart

YONG SEOK: passion

NASON: meerkat

NOAH: cat


For the members, which words describe NASON the best?

SIEUN: small giant

SURI: hairy person

YONG SEOK: gentle

NOAH: unique


To wrap the interview and help fans get to know the CHECKMATE better, we played THIS or THAT with them! Who do you identify with the most?

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