Not long ago, we had the opportunity to interview GHOST9, the group that, before the Think For Dawn MV, released a 15-minute short film with an impressive sci-fi plot and involving parallel realities that left us with a big “?” , several theories and completely impacted with their debut!

That’s right! This group just debuted and came with everything, armed to steal everyone’s heart, regardless of what alternative reality each of us is in.

Check out the full interview with the group below, in wich they talked about future plans, played who’s more and many other things! We still don’t know exactly which reality it came from, but it will certainly interest you!

Interview: Get to know GHOST9!

Hello everyone!  It is a pleasure to interview you. We are K4US, an opinion and entertainment website that encourages Brazilian kpop fans to be reflective, questioning and empathetic. Having an interest in knowing and respecting what goes beyond Korean pop culture.

Today we will talk with you about the actual moment of work of Ghost9, we would like to meet the members better, and we also will talk a little bit about the Brazilian fans.

Let’s go!

1) In the short Cinematic Work: Door, the story takes the members towards a new world, where they meet a GLEEZ character. Can we expect more interactions between GLEEZ and GHOST9? Should the two universes meet at other times?

LEE KANGSUNG: From now on, we will do a lot of content that shows the adventure of GHOST9 and GLEEZ. Please having your interest and look forward to it!

2) How was the experience to act in a short film? Is there any difference from shooting the Music Video?

PRINCE: as idols on stage, we try our best to find and appeal to cameras as much as possible, but with acting, everything had to be natural and not looking at the camera was tough

LEE WOOJIN: It was good to try acting before my debut!! If I have a chance later, I want to act through various contents!

3) ‘Think of Dawn’ is already amongst us! Congratulations for your debut! Which was the most funny part and the most hard one between: being in a studio to record songs X being in a studio to record scenes for the MV? In which specific details you would like the fans to pay a special attention? Tell us about the message of the album, please.

LEE KANGSUNG: Thank you so much for congratulating my debut. Personally, shooting the M/V is harder for me, but I had a lot to learn, and it was fun. I have a lot of new experiences during the shooting M/V that I haven’t till then, so next time, I want to shoot better. When you watch our M/V, we think a lot the signature points for the individual part. This album contains our identity, charms, and ambition to go through to further.

HWANG DONGJUN: The recording wasn’t hard at all, and I enjoyed the shooting. Likewise, shooting the M/V was a fun experience. I would appreciate it the stunning image cut, and please look at that part carefully. We want to deliver a message of consolation and hope through the journey with GLEEZ.

4) For sure the members being preparing themselves and have a lot of expectations to the transformation of their lives after the debut. What are you most anxious to do after your debut? Performing in music shows, virtual landings to meet your fans, etc. Lecture about it.

SON JUNHYUNG: I want to do a concert the most. we can do it with our fans with our own song of GHOST9 😊

5) Some members participated in survival programs and competitions for trainees. For you, being part of these programs helped you prepare to finally compose Ghost9? As you have matured since then, what lessons have you learned from these experiences?

LEE JINWOO: Although it was a short time, I learned a lot of singing and dancing through the members.

CHOI JUNSEONG: The experience of performing in front of people helps me to perform on stage.

LEE WOOJIN: I realized how much I am not enough, and that helps me.

6) We spoke to your Brazilian fan base and the question they most want to know: Would you like to perform in Brazil and meet Brazilian fans if you had the chance? And they asked to warn you to think well. Because Brazilian fans show their passion a lot, being a really noisy and lively audience, who sings the entire songs together with the idols, even if it is in Korean. It may be a shock at first, but then it becomes fun.

CHOI JUNSEONG: Of course! It’s such an honor. I only know a little about soccer in Brazil, but I’m already excited to show you our performances for our fans.

LEE WOOJIN: YES!YES! I am a big fan of soccer, so I really want to visit Brazil, the home of soccer! Of course, I want to meet my fans first!

SHIN: Wow! I want to experience the Brazilian fans’ passion and sings the songs together with them.

Listen on Spotify:

7) We still don’t know the answer from GHOST9, but we want to invite you to come and see Brazil. Our country has continental dimensions and regions that do not appear to be in the same country. Choose a place to visit in Brazil, when you have the chance to pass your vacation here!

CASA NA ÁRVORE monte verde♥
SHIN: Lençóis Maranhenses
LEE KANGSUNG: Castelo de itaipava
LEE WOOJIN: Gramado / Lençóis Maranhenses (look beautiful those landscape)
LEE JINWOO: Gramado (the buildings look gorgeous!)

8) Please, let a final message to your fans in Brazil!

SON JUNHYUNG: Dear fans, Thank you very much for congratulating and supporting GHOST9’s debut. I am happy because I am loved every day, and I appreciate it to our fans. As much as you have given us energy, we will show you in a more diverse and good way. Thank you and love you.

HWANG DONGJUN: Since it’s just the beginning, we’ll show you how we grow and develop, so please look forward to it. Thank you!!

SHIN: Thank you for your love and support from far away countries. We’ll try our best to show our new and diverse sides. Please give us a lot of support and love.

LEE KANGSUNG: Thank you for loving us. I want to run to Brazil to meet you. I love you!

LEE TAESEUNG: I will give you love by doing hard!

LEE JINWOO: Thank you for your support even from a distance! We will do harder and harder with support!

CHOI JUNSEONG: I can’t wait to see Brazil fans, and there are a lot of things I haven’t shown yet, so please look forward to GHOST9.

PRINCE: we will work hard in the future and we hope to be able to visit brazil soon! Thank you for supporting and loving GHOST9!!!

LEE WOOJIN: Thank you very much for loving us from far away countries. We will do it hard to bring our energy to Brazil.

Game Time: Who in GHOST9?

Please, talk to each other and decide an answer with the name of one or more members for each question (which best fits the definition):

Who trained the longest period of time? (How long?)
SHIN: over 4years
Who is the most organized one?

HWANG DONGJUN: Clean up the place
Who has the best abilities in the kitchen?

Who is the most worried about appearance?

LEE TAESEUNG: Always looking in the mirror and checking his face
Who is the most scared one?

HWANG DONGJUN: Easily scared even with small things
Who is the joker/ the funniest one?

CHOI JUNSEONG: Makes words fun and raises the mood
Who is the one who speaks more in the group chat?

CHOI JUNSEONG: Talking and joking around all the time
Who is the one who sleeps more?

LEE JINWOO: He sleeps a lot and doesn’t wake up well
Who is the most perfectionist?

HWANG DONGJUN: Strong opinion about what he wants to do
Who is the one who lives the most with their head in the clouds?

PRINCE: Sometimes in his own imagination

The Matrix has failed and so did our hearts…

Thank you so much Ghost9 and Maroo Entertainment for the opportunity to do this interview. We hope it was fun for you the same way it was for us!

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