We gonna tell you the best parts of (G)I-DLE first global online concert: That’s it everything! We surrender! We watched the ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I’ concert and got exclusive information from the team that produced the event, to better understand what was the dimension of the show and how it all happened directly behind the scenes. Check out!

(G)I-DLE successfully completed their first concert online, named (G)I-DLE ONLINE CONCERT ‘I-LAND : WHO AM I’. The concert happened on July 5th and the group performed captivating stages, starting with their big hits, as ‘LION’ e ‘HANN(Alone)’ followed by other tracks, including ‘LATATA’, ‘Senorita’, ‘Uh-Oh’, ‘Oh my god’, ‘MAZE’, ‘Blow Your Mind’ and ‘Luv U‘.

The first (G)I-DLE concert ended with a surprise release of their song, composed by the members MINNIE and YUQI, with the title ‘i’M THE TREND’. The special performance marked the exciting end of the night and let the fans looking forward for more. 

(G)I-DLE dances LION.



  1. Lion
  2. Hann (Alone)
  3. Maze
  4. What’s You Name
  5. $$$
  6. vcr – iland
  7. Blow Your Mind
  8. Senorita
  9. ‘Why Do You Love Me” – Charlotte Lawrence – Solo Minnie
  10. “What About Us” – P!nk – Solo YuQi
  11. “What Now” – Rihanna -Solo Miyeon
  12. unit vocal – “Kiss it Better” – Rihanna
  13. Solo Shushua – Majestic Scene
  14. Solo Soojin – Trampoline (SHAED x ZAYN)
  15. Solo Soyeon – Hey Mama – David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha e Afrojack.
  16. Put it Straight – Nightmare Ver.
  17. Oh My God
  18. Luv U
  19. Maybe
  20. Pop/Stars
  21. Latata
  22. encore – Uh-Oh
  23. Special Stage – i’M THE TREND


The concert started on time, no delays, at 3AM, Brazilian time, and after a opening worthy of a movie trailer, MINNIE, MIYEON, SHUHUA, SOYEON, SOOJIN and YUQI shows up at the stage with a black costume and an all video scenario. The stage was surrounded by huge screens that gave a sensation an unique grandiosity to the presentations and mixed with the play of lights that made us teleport to the proposed concept, and more, it made the fans really feel at a great show without leaving their houses.

Starting with LION and Hann (Alone), two great hits from the group, the concert was marked by very special moments of interaction between the members with the audience, which was going crazy in the online chat. It was clear the emotion that the girls showed for presenting the first big show of (G)I-DLE and the desire that they had to meet the fans in person. International Nevies were not forgotten, as they took turns and spoke in other languages, such as French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish and Russian.


As the fandom name, Neverland has reference to Peter’s Pan Neverland, fans were represented as the brightest star in the sky. Throughout the video, (G) I-DLE‘s mission was to find the key that would open the gates to I-LAND. Amazing. The richness of references to the group’s trajectory made fans to enter even more the nostalgic and magical atmosphere.

Curious that the pieces found by the members in each of the scenes were crucial to form the key that opened the gates of the I-LAND. The purple acrylic objects were nothing more than a reference to the name of the group i- 들 in the way they appear on the group’s logo! Yeah, very creative, isn’t it? They also remembered the small pieces that form the interior part of the official lightstick that has the same objective: To form the group’s name and allude to the castle of Neverland. In the end, together they are the key to opening the portal and the fans (represented by the star) were the key piece for them to be following their paths.

(G)I-DLE logo


If it is hard for fans to choose the dream setlist, imagine it for (G)I-DLE! Soyeon revealed that it was very difficult to choose the songs for the setlist and asked for a little help for the viewers to speak the songs that could not be missing. As expected, the fans seemed very anxious to see more songs that marked their trajectory through Queendom. Throughout the show, the group did their best to ensure that the fans who were watching had close contact with them.


Besides the amazing group performances, I-LAND also surprised with solo and unit presentations that explored the potential of each member. In the vocal unit, Miyeon, Minnie and Yuqi covered great American singers and made a trio.

Miyeon chose to remember the good trainee times by Rihanna’s ‘What Now’ sound, Minnie adhered to the suggestion made by fans in one of the live broadcasts and let out her voice singing ‘Why Do You Love Me’ by Charlotte Lawrence. Yuqi, on the other hand, chose a comfortable song in her tone of voice, besides the lyrics having an important meaning for her. So ‘What About Us’ by P!NK was chosen as their solo at the concert.

Yuqi from (G)I-DLE
Yuqi – solo performance

The vocal trio ended their part incrediblelly, when they performed together for the first time. In another nostalgic moment for the trainee times, they sang Rihanna’s ‘Kiss it Better’. At Yuqi‘s suggestion, the fans were responsible for guessing the name of the trio, which ended up being PuppyPup – Cute dog in literal translation.

For dance solos, Shuhua chose Majestic Scene, inspired by traditional Chinese dances and which required a lot of concentration and control of movements, Soojin chose the sensuality of Trampoline (SHAED x ZAYN), she commented that felt many neck pain during rehearsal. Soyeon wanted a striking song, so she decided to present a cover of Hey Mama, a hit by David Guetta.

Shuhua from (G)I-DLE
Shuhua – solo performance.


Last interaction before the end. Miyeon celebrates that it was the first time they presented Maybe and she was very happy to perform Pop/Stars with the other members (she and Soyeon were in the original song). The group is sad to announce the last song. The girls were constantly regretting that they couldn’t be with the Neverlands personally, but that they hoped to see them in the next opportunity.

They shows up with LATATA, the (G)I-DLE debut, with a fanchant rolling in the background. It was one of the most exciting moments, as it was with this single that it all started. The fanchant made the girls even more excited and thrilled with what they were presenting. It was like the fans were actually there live, personally.



The encore was marked by the “online screams” suggested on the screen that led fans to scream a lot in the chat room’s comments.

Minutes later, directly from behind the scenes, Shuhua takes care of the broadcast of the show through a selfcam. In a very relaxed way, the members used the moment of encore to enjoy the show itself, running and having fun around the stage to the sound of Uh-Oh.

Not even the technical problems in the broadcast stopped the most exciting part of any show, when the members open their hearts about what that experience was like for them. Already well aware of the final stretch, the members talked about this being the realization of a big dream.

Soyeon says she has always dreamed of it, she is very happy to have done the show with the other members, thanks the fans and says that she hopes to be able to meet with Neverland in person in the next opportunity. She says that her feeling there was like meeting the fans.

Shuhua, Soojin and Miyeon thank the fans and show their desire to meet them in person very soon.

Yuqi says it was always their dream to have a concert, said that dreams come true and hopes that international Neverland also enjoyed it, also said that she was very excited and moved. She asked the fans to stay healthy and happy until they meet again. “We will always love you”, she concluded.

Surprise of the Night

The final song was a surprise produced exclusively for the show. Written by Minnie and Yuqi, the song is called “i’M THE TREND”, made especially for all Neverland and makes reference to the names of the main songs of the group in the lyrics, such as MAZE, LATATA, OH MY GOD and UH-OH. Of course, they were very anxious for this moment, after all not only the choreography, but also the music was being performed for the first time.

The proposal was to bring a song that captivated the audience and showed a little of their trajectory.

The special MV was released on this Tuesday (07) and has exclusive images from behind the scenes of the girls’ daily lives. 

(G)I-DLE performing LION.

Soyeon commands a round of questions

Which solo performance was the most memorable? 
SOYEON highlighted SHUHUA‘s presentation. She said it was special, because she dedicated herself to rehearsals and kept telling her how cool the choreography was.

What was the most difficult choreography?
Opinions were between POP/STAR, MAYBE and WHATS MY NAME.

What food did you eat most during rehearsals?
The girls joked that MIYEON and SOOJIN wouldn’t stop drinking watermelon juice.

YUQI saw several comments from fans loving Minnie’s blond hair.


The goodbye was with a special video that revealed the recording backstage from VCR prepared for the concert and showed the members declaring themselves to each other, and sending messages for the fans.

MINNIE about YUQI: “As soon as you meet her, you will fall in love with her cuteness !! She’s very funny”.

YUQI about MIYEON: “She is pretty, cool and pretty haha She is like a big sister to me. She manages to maintain balance in the group. She is very talented and charismatic. We feel closer now than before and I am very happy for that”.

Message to fans: “It may seem a little tacky, but thank you very much. I love you so much, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you guys, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Knowing the expectations the Neverlands have for us, we are doing our best for not to disappoint them”.
Please, continue to follow us. We’ll always show you our best. So never leave us!”

MIYEON about SHUHUA: “She is the youngest of us. It’s cute, but mature. Shushua is like a friend to me. It looks like she’s my real sister. I trust her too much and she lives to the fullest each day. She is also very responsible for her tasks”.

Message to fans: “It may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. Thank you so much for supporting us and liking us no matter what we do. We are really trying to make up for all your support and we think about you guys all the time. I wanted you to know that. Love you”.

SHUHUA about SOOJIN: “Soojin loves Shuhua very much and needs her love a lot. She is the one who loves SHUHUA the most in this whole world. She needs Shuhua’s love. She is sweet and cooks very well. She knows a lot about fashion, likes beautiful things and … Likes Shuhua”.

SOOJIN about SOYEON: “Soyeon is our leader. So for us, it means … She has a huge importance to us. And for me, she is a friend that I consider a lot, too”.

Message to fans: “If fans can’t go to music shows, we can’t refuel (from their love), so we talk a lot with our fans during breaks, but we can’t do that right now. We feel empty without that energy. Neverland, please stay healthy”.

SOYEON about MINNIE: “Minnie is the oldest, but is she also the cutest ??? She’s very cute. It sets the tone for our group and is our vocal treasure”.

Message to fans: “Neverland, even with our comeback, we haven’t been able to be with you and it’s been a while since the last time we met. We miss you so much. (G) I-DLE would like to remain in love with their Neverlands for the rest of our lives, so please love us back! Thanks!”

After two and a half hours, the (G)I-DLE online concert comes to an end.

Final considerations:

With two and a half hours, the concert had the whole structure of a kpop show: performances, VCR, clothing changes, solos, interactions and encore. Speaking of encore, it was adapted for the online era. Instead of fans screaming in arenas, holding their lightsticks, they had to improvise with a shout in the chat.

This show was definitely like a gift prepared with great care for the fans. The details, the choreographies, exciting moments for everyone, captivated an audience that knew the group over time, but who also fell in love with them recently. They delivered a super energetic and unique concert and show how much they love what they are doing.

Now the surprise is ours for you!

We had contact with CJ&M and did a brief interview with the team that produced the event to better understand what was the dimension of the concert and how it all happened directly behind the scenes. They were super attentive and mobilized to answer the questions we asked. Check below exclusively:

K4US: In the opinion of the production and backstage team, which was the hardest part? What about the most easygoing?

We were already preparing for the world tour since the beginning of this year, so it wasn’t as difficult.

However, we were concerned about not being able to communicate with fans during the concert. So, ‘LATATA’ was the stage for the members to feel as if fans were supporting them in the concert hall.

K4US: How did you feel about preparing a concert that would be transmitted online? For you, how it feels like preparing (G)I-DLE’s online concert? How was the process? 

It was the first concert since debut, so we had to make produce and practice new performances.

It was a difficult process to design everything new but members practiced really hard and communicated often with staffs to deliver the best outcome during their solo stage as well.

K4US: How was the atmosphere during the transmission? How did the producers and staff feel about being there live?

Not only the members, but also staffs wanted to meet fans in order to feel the liveliness during the concert.

Although it was an online concert, all of us were excited to meet fans, and it was a thrilling experience to reach the audience in a whole new way.

K4US: The group had to face a new way to make a concert. How did they deal with this new way of performing, meeting Nevies coming from all over the world without leaving Korea? 

First of all, we were excited to meet fans all around the world. We tried to communicate in many different languages during the concert, such as Korean, Chinese, English, Thai, and Japanese.

I hope everyone had a great time at 2020 (G)I-DLE ONLINE CONCERT ‘I-LAND : WHO AM I’ and hope to meet you again!

Do you want to know more about (G) I-DLE? So check out the exclusive interview they gave us and be sure to follow the group 🙂

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