In an exclusive interview, AleXa goes from sci-fi inspirations to the importance of global fans and respecting cultural mix

K-Idol, podcaster, cosplayer, best new artist, according to Soribada… If we start to list all the things that AleXa is, we will certainly spend a long time here. Despite having debuted in 2019, not even a year ago, the idol already collects titles, appealing projects and fans all over the world.

After gaining the attention of many K-Pop fans during Produce 48, when she still went by the name Alex Christine, the A.I Trooper commander built, alongside the ZB Label, an interstellar career: worthy of all the futuristic concept that marks her job.

In an interview to K4US, AleXa went from sci-fi to her relationship with global fans and cultural mix, sharing a bit more of what structures her projects, her values ​​and her creations.

The idol also took the opportunity to tell us where she would like to record an MV in Brazil. Check it out and tell us what you think!

AleXa Exclusive Interview

About sci-fi inspirations, fans and being a soloist

Firstly we would like to say that we are really happy to talk to you! We know that you already had contact with the Brazilian media but still, we want to know: are you still surprised to know that people so far away from you acknowledge your work and admire you?

Thank you so much!!!! It’s honestly a great honor, and a wee bit scary, that people so far away take interest in my work and are able to enjoy it~ I never dreamed of being able to reach people across the globe, so hearing things like this makes me beyond happy.

Based on your projects, we notice that all of them have really strong concepts, from their ideas to their visuals. As an example, we can talk about this sci-fi/technologic narrative that appears on your songs, music videos and performances — something done in a way never explored before on K-pop and that ended up attracting K-Pop fans. Do you usually take part in this type of development for your music releases? How these concepts are created and what they usually are inspired by?

Fortunately, our staff knows me so well, inside and out. They know my likes, dislikes, and my passions!! Since before debut, they were well aware of my love for all things sci-fi, dark, and innovative! So, during the creative process of creating the AleXa Universe and concept, my love for sci-fi was taken into account. We’ve been heavily inspired by things like Star Wars, Alien, Battle Angel Alita, etc.

K-Pop is an industry dominated by groups, which, for soloist, can be a cause for concern. Did you ever feel insecure or afraid to debut in a solo career? What do you think that it’s the advantage to work that way?

Well, to be honest, when I first came to Korea, I did not have the particular goal of group or solo. I was just driven to achieve my dream, and work hard. Being a soloist hasn’t quite given me any concerns, aside from the fact that it is hard to catch my breath when performing because there are no “parts”~ I would say it’s advantageous to be a soloist because our staff is able to focus on my concept and performance, alone.

About recognition, cultural mix and Brazil

Recently you had your work recognized by the Soribada Best K-Music Awards, right? Congratulations, Next Artist of 2020! At some point, from trainee days to career difficulties, did you ever imagine that you would receive such an award? What was the feeling when you knew you were the winner?

First off, thank you so much!! I never imagined that I would receive any kind of award before my year anniversary! It was a tremendous honor and surprise to have received The New Wave Next Artist Award. I was so happy to have won an award, it was such a memorable experience- I will never forget it.

There is a performance version of “Bomb” with Tina Mirae and we think it’s really cool that, through this collaboration, the world of K-Pop grows a little bit more in terms of visibility for the work of black women — who are inserted in a culture that strongly influences K-Pop itself. By the way, you have other projects with Tina, right? What kind of relationship do you both have and how did you meet? During your creative process, do you have in mind these issues regarding social minorities’ visibility or even concerns about cultural appropriation?

We at ZB think it’s very important to give credit where credit is due. So in the circumstance of revamping the “Bomb” choreography and throwing in Afro-beat and Dance Hall moves, we deemed it absolutely necessary to learn from a professional on the field and abide by her teaching. 

Tina is one of the most talented souls I’ve ever met, with a heart of gold to match. She’s so incredibly hard working and deserves to be recognized for her abilities. I first met Tina the day I came back from my brief break in America, late 2018. We began training together immediately, that day, and the rest is history~ 

I, along with our staff at ZB, value the importance of being knowledgeable of other cultures. Therefore, when approaching different concepts, music styles, and choreography, we do our utmost to research all that we can, consult others if we must, and to stay true to our core values as a company.

You’re a very expressive artist, especially when it comes to choreography moves. Aside from hip hop, is there any dance style that gives you the feeling of greater creative freedom or a dance style that allows you to express your feelings more easily?

Having grown up doing ballet, it was a great outlet for me as a kid. I’d really like to attempt ballet again later in the future.

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Considering your recent posts on social media, the fans are speculating that a comeback is nearby. Could we have some spoilers about what to expect for your next release?

This comeback will be the third and final chapter to our trilogy. It will be quite a cinematic finish~ The song and dance are both super cool, and I cannot wait for everyone to see it!!

AleXa Brazil asks

We took this interview opportunity to bring AleXa’s Brazilian fanbase closer to their favorite idol (you!) These are some questions made by them, who are so dedicated to promoting your work around here! 

We know that before you became an idol, you already had been a K-Pop fan since 2008. How is it for you to go through this process from being a fan to now being the Idol in this industry?

I can only describe my experience as a dream come true!! It has been a wild ride since the beginning, but I’m so grateful to be where I’m at and I wouldn’t trade it for the world~

You already expressed your desire to visit Brazil, as well as being a great fan of Anitta and our funk music. So we would like to know… If you could shoot a music video in Brazil, which one of these locations would you pick and why?

alexa interview brazil

The Ruínas de São Miguel das Missões would be a DREAM to film in!! It looks absolutely stunning!! I looked up the location to see more pictures- all I can say is WOW!!!

AleXa game time!

Lastly we have a quick game so the fans can get to know your personal preferences better. So we ask you to kindly answer the following with the FIRST thing that comes to your mind!

A song that I can’t stop listening to: WAP BY CARDI B AND MEGAN THEE STALLION LOL

My favorite movie: Jim Henson’s “The Labyrinth”

A cosplay that I still would like to do: Mei Misaki from “Another”

The best part of doing a podcast: Being able to speak freely about interesting subjects!

My main feeling while performing: Happiness! Pure joy!

Obrigada Brazil!! Thank you so much for the constant love and support that you have shown!! I am so grateful for the positivity you fill my life with~ I hope that once the world allows it, I can go to Brazil as fast as I can to meet you all in person!!! Much love to everyone in Brazil!! Stay safe and happy 🙂


K4US thanks AleXa and ZB Label for their avaiability on talking to us and bringing exclusive content to Brazilian and international fans.

Interview by K4US
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