In exclusive chat with K4US, Go Min Si, who plays Park Gul-Mi, talks about what’s coming to ‘Love Alarm 2’ (Netflix), recognition and new projects

Since its debut back in August 2019, Love Alarm has gained fans all over the Drama Lovers world. The production has been confirmed for a second season and, amid rumors that the premiere will take place in August — which has not been confirmed —, drama fans are even more anxious to reconnect with this universe where love can be an app away from you.

Although the new season still doesn’t have a release date, K4US brings an exclusive content for those who are curious about what is coming: a conversation with Go Min Si, who plays Park Gul-Mi in Love Alarm.

In an exclusive interview with K4US, the winner of the best actress award at the SBS Awards 2019 shared her perspective on relationship apps, told us what we can expect from Gul-Mi in this next season and talked about the feeling of reaching a global audience.

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Hello, Go Min Si! We are very happy to be able to speak to you and bring you closer to your global fans. So let’s start by talking about this diverse range of admirers you have earned through your work. Did you ever imagine that you would be known worldwide?

I’ve dreamed. I  wanted to be known worldwide, but I thought it was just a dream. However, thanks to the Netflix, I’ve been greeted with global fans. And global fans are getting to know me. It was amazing! I think the Love Alarm has a big power.

Part of your global reach has grown even further through Love Alarm, which, as an original Netflix production, reaches 190 countries. The drama is preparing its return for August and we want to know: what can we expect from Park Gul-Mi in this new phase?

Gul-Mi could be kinder compared to Season 1. Maybe Gul-Mi has grown up. (haha) But still she has ambition. I think the fans of Love Alarm will be happy to see Gul-Mi. She is cute, and sometimes has some foolish behavior. Also, she has various fashion styling, you can see colorful images through her.

The drama addresses issues pertinent to our current society and even brings criticism about relationship apps. At what point do you relate to this topic?

It’s very amazing that many people have relationships with relationship apps. Perhaps society has developed with technology. But I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong to have a relationship with apps like Love Alarm. It has pros and cons depending on the person. But some people abuse the apps, therefore it goes wrong.
It’s merely a matter of how wrong it may go and how this would affect society. That makes me think that maybe this will change the way people have relationships.

Go Min Si during Love Alarm

We know that your character Park Gul-mi is also very relevant to the direction of the protagonist’s life (both negatively and positively), in addition to illustrating a common relationship of female competition, especially within the school space. For you, is there a greater challenge in playing a character that escapes the profile of a good and completely righteous protagonist? And what is the most fun part of making a character like that?

Gul-Mi from season 1 was an angry girl. Her speciality was to throw things (like cell phone, lipstick, plastic water bottle…), I reduced stress and also felt a catharsis [while playing her]. However time passes Gul-Mi yelled, cried, and got irritated through many scenes. After all it was hard for me, but It was a good experience. I thought ‘wow, I can yell this loud! My voice was quite big!’ It was a special experience, haha. Also Love Alarm’s actors and actresses are the same age group, so I relied on them. Thanks to them I was very happy to act.

Which character was the most challenging for you so far? And which one you liked the most to interpret?

Gul-Mi was the most challenging character. When I interpreted Gul-Mi, she wasn’t just evil. And I hope people also know this. I think she wasn’t a simple character. Because she has her own reasons, but she is clumsy to express her feelings. Sometimes she’s pitiful and sad. So I wanted to express these things but it was difficult to express her various feelings. All my characters (that I acted) aren’t easy so far. Every character was difficult, and I always think deeply about each of them.

Have you always wanted to work with TV and film production? When did you start working in the industry and when did you understand that you would like to make this as your occupation?

Yes. When I was young, maybe elementary school student? I dreamed that I wanted to work with TV and film production. But I wondered ‘Could I?’ Therefore I started acting when I grown up. Suddenly I thought if I couldn’t choose this work, I would regret it. When I was in Web drama studios, I thought: “Yes, this is my road!”

Despite being relatively new to the industry, the recognition for your work has earned you the Best New Actress award at the SBS Awards 2019. Congratulations! How do you feel about receiving this recognition and honors for your work?

Thanks! I was so excited and embarrassed. I didn’t expect to get the award, I didn’t think about an acceptance speech. I felt nauseous, and my head was empty. I just thought about the Secret Boutique’s staff that had a hard time with me. I made my debut in SBS, It’s an honor that I got a SBS’ award. It was a very amazing experience, thanks everyone.

Min Si at 2019 SBS Awards

From your Instagram account, we noticed that you really like outdoor environments, especially mountainous ones, having shared with your followers some of the mountains you’ve climbed. Could you tell us more about your relationship with “climbing”? Is it one of your hobbies? How did this all started?

First of all, I’ve started because of my diet. After that I’ve liked the mountain’s air and the scent of nature. Most of all when I reach the summit, it gives me a great feeling that I cannot express. And recently I’ve climbed a mountain because of my next drama. However lately I have a sore joint and I am taking a rest.

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions, so we have a wide variety of natural beauty to be explored, among them we have some mountains as well. The following images are of some of the mountains that are classified as one of the most beautiful in the country, tell us which one called you the most attention for a possible climb.

‘PICO DESEJADO’! Brazil has many beautiful mountains. Among these pictures I want to visit Pico Desejado. I haven’t ever visited a mountain around the ocean, but Pico Desejado has the ocean! I want to experience reaching the summit of this mountain.

Now let’s play a game! Answer the following with the first thing that comes to your mind!

Favorite Korean Movie: A Peppermint Candy (Lee Chang-dong’s film)
Biggest inspiration amongst actresses/actors: Jeon Do Yeon, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Shrader Lawrence.
Favorite Drama: Stairway to Heaven (Kwon Sang woo, and Choi Ji woo were main actors. It was the first drama I watched)
Something to watch when you’re sad: I don’t watch anything, just crying at home.
Favorite international movie: Comrades: Almost A Love Story, 1996 / Pulp Fiction, 1994

Hello everyone, I’m Go Min Shi. 2020 is a tough year but I hope you cheer up. We can imagine a better world.
I took a Love Alarm season 2, that gave me lots of love from global fans, and maybe I can meet you through another drama ‘Sweet Home’ as soon as possible. I hope that when you see this drama, you can be happy! Please stay healthy and be happy. See you soon, I love you!

Go Min Si

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