11 Brazilian Illustrators That You Need To Know

Meet brazilian illustrators who are inspired by K-Pop and make arts that help boost the genre in Brazil!

We have collected 11 names of Brazilian Illustrators who make real works of art inspired by K-Pop artists that you need to know about! Like you, they love this style of music and show their love using their talent. And we in response appreciate the magnificent work of these very talented people, as we love to see our favorite artists with a different perspective and rereading!

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Lolis / @CypherdoV

@CypherdoV uses the Chibi style, which consists of drawing people in small and cute sizes, to make her illustrations.

Solimar Correia / @eaisoli

Solimar Correia, better known as Soli, is from a Northeast State of Brazil called Recife and uses the realistic and cartoon style in her drawings. Soli also has a YouTube channel where she gives tips on drawing!

Here is the link if you want to check it out:

Alex Kioshi / @heeeyoshe

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So it's already Changmin's birthday in Korea! 🤧❤️🎉 Q is my utt, which means he's the person I love the most in the whole kpop industry (and maybe in Korea??? haha). I've never had an utt before him and I even thought I would never have one. But when Changmin entered my life, it was something really overwhelming 😅 He's such a precious and talented person. He's cute and thoughtful when around his members, but at the same time he's powerful and intense when he's on stage! I could definitely keep talking about him for hours haha But now, about the drawing! I wanted to make a more complex drawing for his birthday but I'm really busy this week, I'm sorry, Changmin-ah 😭 So here's a sketch I drew some weeks ago… It's quite simple but I put my heart into it anyway! >< Also, I tried out some different brushes while I was coloring it~ Thank you for everything, Changmin! I hope you have an amazing life and I hope I can see you in person one day 🥺❤️ Thanks for helping The Boyz shine! ✨ 사랑해, 창민아 ❤️ .・.・.・. Já é aniver do Changmin na Coreia aaaa 🤧❤️🎉 O Q é meu utt, ou seja, ele é a pessoa que eu mais amo na indústria do kpop inteirinhaa (e quiçá, na Coreia??? kkk). Eu nunca tive um utt antes dele e até mesmo achava que nunca teria um. Mas quando ele entrou na minha vida… foi um negócio avassalador aaa 😭 Ele é super talentoso e preciouss! Ele é fofo e se preocupa sempre com os outros membros. Mas ao mesmo tempo, ele é intenso e destruidor quando tá no palco! Eu definitivamente poderia ficar falando dele por horas kkk Mas agora, o desenho! Eu queria ter feito algo mais complexo pro aniver dele, mas eu tô mega atarefado essa semana, mim perdoe, Changmin-ah 😭 Então, eis um sketch que fiz há umas semanas… Tá bem simples mas foi de coração! >< Além disso, usei uns brushes diferentes na hora de colorir ele~ Obrigado por tudo, Changmin! Espero que sua vida seja sempre incrível e que um dia eu possa te ver ao vivo 🥺❤️ Obrigado por ajudar o The Boyz a brilhar! ✨ 사랑해, 창민아 ❤️ . #HappyChangminDay #HappyQDay #drawing #illustration #theboyzfanart #changminfanart #kpop #kpopfanart #jichangmin #art #ilustração #digitalart #theboyz #지창민 #더보이즈

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Brazilian and son of Japanese descendants, @heeeyoshe says that his drawing style is a mixture of several personal influences: “There is the Japanese influence from manga, of course, but I also like to be inspired a lot by animations, cartoons and other types of stylized arts” , he says when asked about his art.

Kika Manchester / @kikamanchester

When asked about her drawing style and influences, @kikamanchester says: “I always liked anime, chibis, among others. Before even working with illustration, I had a lot of influence from pop culture, and especially K-Pop, in my work. ” and, she still adds: “I always thought the MVs, the color palettes, the physical albums and everything else was so beautiful! When a comeback is released, I’m always there ready to see it!

We understand you perfectly! By the way, this K-Pop stan life is not easy for anyone!

Brenda Kwon / @k_tsukip

In addition to being based on the Asian style of drawing, which is characteristic of it’s fine and detailed strokes, @k_tsukip also likes to work with brushes that refer to watercolor digitally and says that she really likes to represent the beauty of Asian women, and along with that, the K-Pop groups.

Luana Gurgel/ @lulooca

@lulooca was born in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte in the North of Brazil, but nowadays she lives in the Southeast, São Paulo. She says that her style of art is a mix of cartoon, anime and manga.

Natalia Nakayama / @nooniedraws

Brazilian, but currently living in Japan, Natalia Nakayama has quite a long historic; she has been drawing BTS fanarts since 2014 and consequently this practice ended up becoming her job! Using the Chibi style in her art, she has won several awards. In 2017, she was one of the 21 winners of the first BT21 drawing contest. She also won the VT Cosmetics contest in 2019 and was chosen as “Illustrator” at the BT21 Lovers Awards in late 2019.

Natalia adds: “Starting to draw something that I love made me realize that I can actually make it into a job.

So, don’t give up on your dreams so easily guys!

L.Emi / @owl.emi

@owl.emi says that it is very difficult for her to define her art style, but she confirms that it is a mixture of realism and anime. She also uses gouache and watercolor to make the details of the drawing.

A.F.M. / @paintastar

Working with traditional and watercolor illustration, she is still improving her digital line and for that reason she still prefers to use the good and old pencil and paper. @paintastar confesses to having K-Pop, and especially EXO, as main inspirations for her drawings. The illustrator also says: “I started to invest in using techniques at the end of 2018, when I met K-Pop and EXO, and I ended up falling in love with the work of some artists who make fanarts. After that, I decided to try to discover my own style and do the same.” She then adds: “Illustrators who use K-Pop as there theme were a huge inspiration for me, without a doubt, but EXO definitely boosted me in terms of creativity, since I was a little distant from the drawings before I met the group.

Débora / @sarajijima_


@sarajijima_ considers herself a beginner, as she draws a little over 1 year and is still developing her artistic style. However, she likes to use pastel colors and a dreamy vibe, trying to take advantage of cute and calm references to achieve her goal of a soft-styled art.

Sabrina Medeiros / @yoona.hyun.k

Sabrina Medeiros, known by her nickname Yoona, has 17 years old and lives in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. She says she uses a realistic style and puts a little bit of herself in all of her drawings to have something original and stand out from others. She also comments: “I love to draw, and drawing is everything for me. I always say that drawing reconstructed me when there was nothing left of myself.”

In addition to Instagram, you can also find her on TikTok: @Yoonahyunk

And these were the 11  Brazilian K-Pop Illustrators that you needed to know! And finally, I would like to thank immensely all the artists who let us at K4US use their arts on this list and we hope that more and more the art itself and K-Pop will gain more prominence in Brazil and all aorund the world. Don’t forget to follow the work of these amazing people and also our work here in K4US!

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