One of K-Pop’s biggest acts nowadays, MONSTA X is coming back to Brazil. The concert will take place on july’s 19th, at the Espaço das Américas, in São Paulo as a part of the “WE ARE HERE” World Tour, which mainly promotes their 3rd album “Take.2 We Are Here”.

The Brazilian producer company Highway Star was kind enough to give us the opportunity to interview the boys from MONSTA X before they land here. The interview is filled with funny gems and new info for the public, including their impression on the Brazilian fans. Check it out bellow.

Get to know more about the event and the company behind it:

Official website – http://www.hwstar.com.br

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/followhwstar

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/followhwstar

Instagram – http://instagram.com/followhwstar

YouTube – http://youtube.com/c/playhwstar


1) Before starting the tour, Monsta X has made their comeback with the song “Alligator”. Congratulations! The music video has poetic and mysterious scenes, with a dash of sensuality. Have you guys watched the final cut of the music video together? What are your thoughts on the final version and how would you guys like Monbebe to react to it?

We watched the final cut together. We wanted put our intensity into it as much as possible, and I think we did a good job. We were all very satisfied. It was good balance between showing the dark side and the bright side, and in showing each of our powerful side at the same time in our own ways.Everybody liked it. We hope Monbebes would be able to find hidden messages and stories in the M/V.

2) What were the easiest and hardest parts in the shooting set of “Alligator”?

There weren’t any easy part in shooting this M/V. Our choreohraphy is very intense, so we keep on moving nonstop. So, it was not easy for us. Hardest part was shooting in water and by the fire. Difficult choreography plus water doubles the intensity, and we had to be very careful with fire.

So we had to put extra effort into those scenes, with which we were very satisfied with.

3) In “Take 2 – We Are Here” you guys have introduced “Play It Cool”, a collaboration with Steve Aoki. Can you tell a little bit of how that collab has occured and developed? Are there any other international artists you would like to collab with?

Steve Aoki mentioned in an interview that he wanted to collab with us. We were thrilled even by the fact that he mentioned us. Fortunately, it became a reality. Every moment while developing the song ‘Play It Cool’ was fun. We were surprised at first in collabing with one of world’s best artists, and also surprised how he was dedicated to music. This collab taught us a lot, and therefore the song became a huge success. We have so many aritsts that we want to collab with, but we say ‘Chainsmokers’. We collabed on Jingle Ball Tour stage in U.S, so we really hope to collab once more.

4) Five years have passed since the reality show “No Mercy” and Monsta X’s debut. Ever since, what has changed the most in your lives, professionally and personally?

For the past five years, we just piled up more reasons to do music, and more reasons to be on stage.

At first, the only reason for doing music and being on stage was because it was the only thing we liked. But now, we have another reason. Our Monbebes. The fact that we give pleasure to Monbebes by singing and dancing gives us a lot of motivation, and it’s what changed us the most.

5) Monsta X works even in the writing and production process of their songs. What are your main influences within this creative process?

A lot of things influence us, such as movies, novels, dramas, etc. Songs require emotions, and such contents are the best source in acquiring various emotions. Or, we sometimes listen to other peoples’ stories around us.

6) Among every song/album released by Monsta X, what are each member’s favorite songs?

Depends on how we feel at that moment. These days, we all listen to the english version of ‘Play It Cool’ very often. It’s a great song, even in Korean, but English too. Hope people like it too.

Listen to Play It Cool on Spotify:

7) Monsta X has been collaborating with K-pop’s global rising through the years and with that, you guys have been visiting a lot of countries all over the world. How has it been, meeting such a miscellaneous audience? Do some international Monbebes draw your attention?

We always think that we are lucky to be with so many fans all over the world. We feel very happy when we listen to fans shouting and cheering for us on stage. So, we get excited even before we visit certain city. It’s a great experience for us, and we are grateful that a lot of people love and support us from all over the world.

8) Every fan likes to feel a little bit closer to each one of the members. Could you guys tell us any curiosities about yourselves; something that fans might not know?

I don’t think there are anything that fans don’t know about us. We’re not the mysterious kind of group. There’s no difference, either on stage or not. We play, eat, and do the same thing all the time. That’s just how we are.

Post’s author notes: If they know about the alligator meme, picture how many others they know about, regardless of the country!

9) The fandom has created an image that represents you in social media. A funny alligator holding Monsta X’s lightstick. By using this image any chat or dialogue gets funnier. Do you feel proud of knowing you have a creative fandom? Have you guys knew about the existence of this meme?

Yes, we’ve seen the meme.  We think our fans are so funny and creative, and we laugh a lot seeing those memes. We love the fact that our fans our communicating with each other in funny ways.

10) Is there a possibility of a forthcoming sub-unit inside of the group? If yes, with which members would you like to be part of a sub-unit with?

We prefer to blend our unit-stages in concerts, rather than officially grouping in sub-units.

We still think we should show ourselves as MONSTA X as a whole. Some of us write songs and release mixtapes individually from time to time, so we hope you can enjoy these instead.

11) Brazil was last year’s last country you visited on your tour. Could you tell us what you guys really felt when performing for brazilian Monbebes? What is the most vivid/thrilling/fun memory you have from Brazil?

It was great. It’s half across the globe from Korea to Brazil, but still, we felt very close to our Brazilian fans. We were very happy, and that’s why we are coming back. We wanted to make our Monbebes, who are eagerly waiting for us, happy. We, ourselves, can’t wait to visit Brazil either.


We invited the boys to play the “first time” game, in which they talk about their first time doing something or their first thoughts about something.
PS: Jooheon made sure that his name was written as “Joohoney”. Your wish is an order! Let’s start!


My first time in Brazil

Shownu: Something new.

Wonho: Passionate dance.

Kihyun: Fans’ performances beyond ours.

Minhyuk:  Pleasant atmosphere

Hyungwon: Loud cheering

Joohoney: Happy moments

I.M: Happy rendezvous.


My first time at a stage as an idol

Shownu: deeply touched

Wonho: first step to my dream

Kihyun: deeply touched

Minhyuk:  Unbelievable luck

Hyungwon: start of Monsta X

Joohoney: New life with a new family (the band)

I.M: The Beginning.


The first thought that occured to my mind today

Shownu: What’s for meal?

Wonho: Listing things to do today

Kihyun: Concert practice

Minhyuk: Listing things to do today

Hyungwon: Get ready for today

Joohoney: Feed my cat

I.M: Working on songs


Monsta X wanted to leave the fans a heart warming message and it was so intense that a tear just rolled down our cheek. Open your heart and read it:

We know that so many of you are waiting for us, and we are grateful for the love an support.

We are and will try our very best to become the Monsta X you are proud of in return.

We promise that we will never let down the trust.

We love you all very much and and hope to see you all happy at the Concert!


We are greatly thankful for Highway Star granting us the opportunity of this interview with Monsta X.
Our team will be covering the concert as press and supporting the staff and the group’s work. See yall there!

Interview by BeaChugga e Guigo | K4US’ editors team
Translation: Bea @ Don’t remove it without credits

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