We had the pleasure to interview VAV! We asked about the tour and their perspective on Brazilian fans as usual. But this time we were in deep! We found that hidden spot inside their souls and asked what is happiness to each one of them and other personal stuff. On top of that each member gave fans some advice.

Don’t forget that VAV will have a fansign and a 2 hours concert through the cities they are visiting this February. On Feb. 16 they will be at Goiania (GO), Belém (PA) on the Feb. 17, Porto Alegre (RS) on 2/22 and finally São Paulo (SP) on the 24th of this month.

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Check out this interview filled with new infos about the boys to get your heart warm! We’ll list VAV’s direct answers with no further interferences. We hope you enjoy it and if you’re not familiarized with their names and faces, check it out on the pics below. To make it clear, Jacob didn’t answer our questions because he is now working on a Chinese show, please support his activities.


1 – It’s your second time here in Brazil, we’re glad to welcome you guys again. What was your first impression on the Brazilian fans?

Ziu: We had our first Brazilian Tour last year and I remember that the Brazilian Vampz have a special energy. They cheered loudly for us and because of that all of our members performed happily.

St.Van: If we’re to speak about first impressions I can’t help but talk about how surprised we were. I think I won’t ever be able to forget the joy and warmth from Brazilian fans. I want to meet Brazilian fans more.


2 – “Señorita” reached national and international recognition and the views numbers are impressive. Congratulations! Where did you film the MV and what difficulties did you face during the filming process?

Ace: We filmed “Señorita” MV on Gyeonggi-do, Korea. I guess we didn’t face much difficulty during filming. The song is upbeat so we did it while having fun.

Ayno: For me the difficulty might be the same difficulty faced by other singers, considering that there are some cases in which the filming goes through 2 days straight. So I worried about losing the tension of the moment.


3 – “Señorita” has a latin appeal and originated in Germany. Did the international tours help the group to come to this kind of concept.

Baron: The whole world is living a “boom” of latin music so I believe many people could get to know and enjoy our song. About the international tours, I guess the fans’ influence helped on building this concept, considering they usually like when we cover latin songs.

Ayno: Of course. The Latin sound is the hot all over the world so as a result to have experienced the culture in these countries, we could understand their music better.


4 – If you could choose a place in Brazil to enjoy your vacations where would you go?

Ace: I heard Brazil has a lot of wonderful beaches so I want to go to the beaches and enjoy the sea.

Lou: I also think that the best vacations are at the sea. The last time we went to Brazil I saw a bit of some wonderful beaches. I really want to know these places better. I think Ace and I could go together.


5 – How do you prepare yourselves for international concerts? For example, do you practice the country’s language? Do you research about the local music or culture?

Baron: I believe it’s only natural to get interested on the country before we visit it during the tour. How will it be the country that gives us so much love? I always do some research with an eager heart.

Lou: Basically I study a bit of the local language even if it’s really quick. We can communicate better with Vampz on the stage like this


6 – Are you friends with other idols? Is it difficult to develop this kind of relationship with other artists?

Ziu: Golden Child’s hyungs!! I guess the fact that we have the same profession helped us to get closer fast.

Ace: I personally think I’m not close to many idols. As we usually meet during music shows or at performance locations we don’t have much opportunities to make friends.


7 – Do you have a favorite music genre for working?

St. Van: I always end up thinking about our group colors and style in general. Because of that we usually work on upbeat songs but these days I’ve been thinking about R&B, ballad and midtempos.

Ayno: Personally I really like a genre called DeepHouse and I also end up looking for a direction where we can show better our own colors.


8 – What made you become idols?

Baron: I’ve wanted to be an idol since I was a kid. At that time I fed my dreams watching people such as Louis Armstrong and Michael Jackson and in Korea I watched people on stage, which made me become confident on this dream.

Ziu: During high school I was watching a music show on TV and I saw Rain. I could only think “wow… I want to do that too” and ended up embracing the dream of becoming a singer.


9 – If you could have a wish coming true right now: what would it be?

Lou: I want VAV songs to be #1 on music charts.

St. Van: The first would be for us to reach #1 in a music show and the second would be to every person, myself included, to live happily.


• • • •

Curiosities Time!

We know how much fans love to be closer to their favorite K-Idols so we asked each member to tell us a history about themselves that the fans didn’t know. Until now!

St.Van: Something fans don’t know already… I actually am very shy. I got better but sometimes I still face difficulty on talking to fans.

Baron: Hum… I guess I’m very shy around fans so I personally tell myself to stop being shy! If you can come and talk to us I believe we can also improve and get closer to you.

Ace: When I sleep I always let a wet towel beside my bed. I have a dry throat so this is a routine for me.

Ayno: I actually am really tall! When people see me on screen or seated they say I look shorter, but I’m 1,84cm tall! I grew 1 cm compared to last year.

Lou: Ayno is actually an angel. When he is done bathing, the bathroom looks like the sky, full of clouds.

Ziu: Sometimes I wake up late at night just so I can have breakfast.

• • • •

We did a pop quiz game with each member to know some personal stuff. Chek out their answers!

St.Van ↓

– Happiness is… A normal day like any other and when I have music around me.
– A song that doesn’t leave your playlist: Bruno Mars, The Weekend
– A flaw: Sometimes when I’m working I get extremely nervous and I consider that a flaw of mine.
– My best virtue: Speaking Chinese, my voice, big shoulders??
– A trip to… Everywhere in the world!
– An advice: ‘Noo matter the situation we’ll go through this moment happily’ is my motto.

Baron ↓

– Happiness is… When small actions come together to become happiness.
– A song that doesn’t leave your playlist: Michael Buble – Home ; Justin Bieber – Cold Water ; John Legend – All of me
– A flaw: When I focus on something I can’t pay attention on anything else.
– My best virtue: I’m not picky to eat. Everything is delicious!
– A trip to…  Any place that makes me feel relaxed (Company and dorm included).
– An advice: Always positive, life is happiness.

Ace ↓

– Happiness is… Any moment when I’m happy.
– A song that doesn’t leave your playlist: Paul Kim’s album.
– A flaw: Too perfectionist.
– My best virtue: I try my best on self care.
– A trip to… Places with clean water.
– An advice: Don’t worry about tomorrow, give your best today and live happily. Is you do so you will always have a happy tomorrow.

Ayno ↓

– Happiness is… When a good song comes out…?
– A song that doesn’t leave your playlist: VAV song
– A flaw: There’s no one who can get me out if I focus on something.
– My best virtue: I have good body proportions.
– A trip to… My house
– An advice: Not matter what it is don’t stop trying and if you turn something part of your daily life than it’s the right choice for you.

Lou ↓

– Happiness is… Sleep
– A song that doesn’t leave your playlist: VAV – Senhorita
– A flaw: I’m an introvert.
– My best virtue: My height.
– A trip to… A place with a sea
– An advice: Let’s do our best while the other is still by our side.

Ziu ↓

– Happiness is… Living is happiness.
– A song that doesn’t leave your playlist: Eric Bernet – Still With you
– A flaw: I think too much.
– My best virtue: I think positively.
– A trip to… I don’t have an specific place I want to go. But I think that experiencing by myself all the places I don’t know yet is the trip.
– An advice: If you want to have happiness in life, drink cold milk with chocolate in your favorite place!

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Thank you for VAV for giving his time for this interview. Thank you for Far Music Ent. and KoreaIN Magazine.


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