From difficulties during the recordings to expectations about Brazilian fans, the girls talk about career and fans.

Between the end of January and the beginning of February, the Brazilian Miracles had the honor of sharing the same country as Oh My Girl. And we, from K4US, had the pleasure of interviewing the girls and finding out more about what the group thinks of itself, and we had some more intimate individual questions.

We decided to list the girls’ direct answers without interferences so you can understand Oh My Girl’s exact feeling and thus feel closer to the girls. If you’re not familiarized with their faces and names, check out the pics bellow! Have fun reading yall!




1) Oh My Girl has recently released ‘Remember me’ and we would like to know: what was the easiest and the hardest part on filming the Music Video?

YooA: I can say that the funniest part was when we filmed together! Specially on the “Mimi’s car” part. It was really fun!

Binnie: Actually when we filmed the Music Video there wasn’t an “easy part”. We always have to check every detail, what makes it difficult. But I can say that the hardest part is when we have to film the choreography part with the seven of us because we have to do it super sinchronyzedly and that was the hardest part.


2) What message does OMG want to deliver through ‘Remember Me’?

SeungHee: Just like the lyrics “when you close your eyes the magic begins”! (checar letra da música em inglês) The lyrics can be either to someone or some dream or unforgettable experience. It talks about joy and all the feelings we have when we first experience something.

Mimi: The song describes the memories of someone (or maybe everyone). We can’t put all the stories inside the song but I think it can be considered a song that through listening many people will remember either stories long kept inside their hearts or intensely lived emotions that vanished just like fireworks.


3) Besides being an addicting song, ‘Remember Me’ has an exciting choreography, a lot of special effects and wonderful outfits. What are the group’s thoughts on the final result of the MV and what is your opinion on this title track?

HyoJung: I was very impressed by trying a new style, a different kind of choreography and Music Video. Until then I could only think about trying a style like this and I can say that it was a dream coming true! I was very happy!

JiHo: We also had a lot of fun watching the final result and it was nice watching the result with different stories and sceneries.


4) What is each member favorite track on ‘Remember Me’ EP?

HyoJung: During the bridge, ““a maior flor que vi na minha vida, um festival apenas nosso” (checar translation) there’s a flower-like choreography that I really like.

MiMi: I like ‘Twilight’ and ‘Remember Me’.

JiHo: I really like ‘Echo’ because the lyrics are really beautiful.

Binnie: I really like ‘Twilight’ because it has the style I like.

ARin: ‘illusion’. I’m never tired of listening to it. The song is really nice and calm.


5) Considering the concepts that the group uses to promote their songs, Oh My Girl carries a very cute aesthetics. Has any of you ever thought of trying a different concept than the ones you have been working on, such as a Girl Power concept?

HyoJung: Yes, I would like to try a lot of styles from now on. I wouldn’t like to be limited because I really wanna try a lot of things.

Binnie: We’ve tried a lot of styles until now. As each member has her own style I wouldn’t like us to be limited to only one, but try a lot of them so we can show all of our styles to you.


6) Last year we met Oh My Girl Banhana. How was the process for choosing its members?

HyoJung: Our company selected the members who fitted better on Oh My Girl Banhana. It was an awesome experience to us because we could try a new style in a great opportunity.


7) What was the first thing that went through your mind when you knew you were coming to Brazil?

ARin: It was unforgettable. The fact that we have fans on the other side of the world was something that made me happy and excited. I’ve waited the days to pass by fast and everyday I was curious to know how they (the fans) were and what facial expressions they would express…

JiHo: We all were really excited to see the Brazilian Miracles from up close! Thank you for waiting for us.


8) How does it feel to meet Miracles from a country so far from yours, such as Brazil? Has anyone ever told you how warm, screaming, touchy and excited the brazilian fans are during the concerts? Have you girls ever heard about how brazilian fans are before coming to the country?

Binnie: My friends that have visited Brazil told me that the Brazilian fans are energetic and because of that they weren’t tired as they performed on stage. I was excited to see that personally.

YooA: I heard that it is a full of passion and energy kind of country! I was told that the fans’ energy can be felt by the artists and that make them perform excited as well




We asked the members to answer the question with the first thing that came to their minds!

– If you had to take only one ice cream flavor for the rest of life, what would it be?
ARin: Milk!!! I really like milkshake and milk flavored ice cream!
YooA: Vanilla. It’s the plainest flavor but it’s unforgettable.

– A song that won’t leave your playlist
SeungHee: Michael Jackson’s songs
MiMi: For me it changes all the time… It depends a lot on my daily mood. It varies a lot

– A fear…
Binnie: Not having something to achieve.
JiHo: Not feeling like doing things.

– A dream…
HyoJung: something that is dreamed often
JiHo: Live happily with the people I love.

– Happiness is…
SeungHee: Something that is always by my side be it when I’m in good or even in not so good conditions.
Binnie: I really link a word that means “Small Real Happiness”. I think happiness is loving things giving them their due meaning even if they are small.


To finish the interview can you leave a warm message to Brazilian fans?

HyoJung: Thank you because I can really feel your love! I’d like to return that love with all the ways Oh My Girl can present you. We will keep making good memories!

Mimi: People from Brazil! Thank your for cheering and loving us even before we get to Brazil. I wonder why we haven’t thought of visiting Brazil before… Never forget that Miracles and Oh My Girl will always be together! I love you!

• • •

We appreciate the availability of Oh My Girl group members for the interview. Special thanks to Highway Star.


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