Have you ever wondered who in Pentagon disturbs the most in their group chat? Or who is similar with soft stans? Well, they name themselves. Check out the exclusive interview!

Part of the K-Pop industry since 2016, Pentagon has been conquering Universes everywhere – and it’s no different in Brazil. Around here, the Brazilian fans were pretty lucky to be gifted a date during their Prism Tour, which comes with a single concert on September 15, at Tropical Butantã, in São Paulo.

But before that, thanks to Highway Star, the boys gave K4US an exclusive interview, full of  pop culture references, unusual answers and the biggest revelation: who are the soft and hard personalities* in Pentagon? Check it out!

In the ‘SHA LA LA’ MV you are inside a video game, right? If you could get into a game, which one would it be?

  • JinHo: I played WOW for a long time and I always wanted to ride the dragon!
  • Hui: I want to be Sonic.
  • HongSeok: Yes, we are in a videogame. I would like to live in the card game Duel Monsters, being Yugi Muto.
  • ShinWon: A car race game.
  • Yeo One: I’d like to be capitan America from First Avenger.
  • Yuto: I’d like to be in the Monster Hunter world.
  • Kino: I’d like to be in a airplane war game. I really like to fly!
  • WooSeok: I want to get into a soccer game. I want to play soccer with famous players.


The song (SHA LA LA) is about overcoming negative feelings. This theme also appears in songs like ‘Like This’ and ‘Runaway’, in which you talk about overcoming difficulties and finding yourselves. This kind of song can help many young people who are going through difficult situations. What inspires you to create songs about this topic? Have you also faced any kind of pressure (aesthetic, professional, psychological)?

  • JinHo: The reason why these songs give strength to young people is because we too are seeking to make our dreams come true and we try to pass on exactly those feelings in them. 
  • Hui: I get stressed while I’m working on a song and it’s not going well. When I write those inspiring songs and that can motivate someone, I get inspired by movies and even in my own situation. 
  • HongSeok: I don’t get too stressed by my carreer. Because I have the Universes and this is a work that I enjoy a lot.
  • ShinWon: I can say that I get stressed a lot of times. But on the other hand, I think that overcoming it is part of the job.
  • Yeo One: In my opinion, in order to develop myself in many perspectives, it’s normal to get stressed. But you need to know how to deal with this stress, and consider it as something motivating.
  • Yuto: I get inspired watching series, movies and listening to a lot of songs. 
  • Kino: The stress is always there. But I know that things aren’t always gonna be easy and I get that. And I know we will always have our Universes that are cheering for us at all times, which makes us overcome everything.
  • WooSeok: I think for hours about the time when I had a lot of worries or what could give strength to all the people who are tired of stress or worring as I once was. And that’s how I write, thinking word by word for a long time.


Recently Pentagon returned with the 9th mini-album ‘SUM(ME:R)’. What is your favorite track and why? 

  • JinHo: Humph! I really liked it since I listened to it for the first time and I super suggested it as the title track.
  • Hui: My favorite is the title track Humph!. First of all, for being a song that I wrote and after it was done I was very happy with the outcome.
  • HongSeok: I really like “Fantasystic”. It’s very upbeat and summer-like.
  • ShinWon: Round 2 – It’s fun and when we’re performing, I get rid of the stress.
  • Yeo One: My favorite is “Fantasystic” because it’s a lot of fun and makes me want to travel.
  • Yuto: Humph!. It’s a very characteristic song of ours and I personally think both the song and the choreography are cute.
  • Kino: My favorite is Humph!. It’s a light hip hop and can be listened to by everyone, besides being fun.
  • WooSeok: Humph!. I think it’s the track that suits Pentagon the best. I got interested right away. 

Your fandom name is Universe. Can you name three things that you like best within this Universe?

  • JinHo

1) When I feel like we are not performing alone, but together.

2) When I see they are looking at us.

3) When we say “I love you” to each other.

  • Hui

1) I get a huge amount of energy from their support.

2) I can give my best on stage because I feel we are together.

3) They are the reason why we can be on stage, and we always feel thankful for being able to perform.

  • HongSeok

1) When we are together I’m stronger and happier. 

2) It’s the strength, the impulse of my life.  

3) I’m happy just to look at them.

  • ShinWon

1) The peace in my thoughts.  

2) The happiness to be with who I love. 

3) I feel like I’m being loved. 

  • Yeo One

– I can’t define três things. Everything I do with the Universes is fun and makes me happy.

  • Yuto

1) Even if I’m tired, when I’m with the Universes, it seems like a strength comes from the beyond.

2) They love us.

3) Always smiling. 

  • Kino

1) They are full of love.

2) Love us without requirement. 

3) They are beautiful! There are no reasons!

  • WooSeok

1) First of all, when I’m with the Universes, I have strength and it’s a lot of fun to be on stage.

2) it seems like I’m growing everyday.

3) I’m surrounded by happiness. 


You are very active on social media, especially on twitter. Does anyone in the group has the habit of reading fan responses? Has a message sent on social media ever been so touching or funny that you have never forgotten? 

  • JinHo: Yes, we try to communicate whenever we have time. When we like someone, we want to know what they’re up to, hahah.
  • Hui: They always send me messages of strength and that’s why I’m always looking. I always get emotional and it gives me a lot of strength.
  • HongSeok: I once saw they had prepared a coffin ready because of loving Pentagon and I laughed a lot. I found it very funny.
  • ShinWon: I don’t use social media very often but I read a lot of fan comments on Fan Cafe. 
  • Yeo One: I once saw a comment that said “I’m always cheering for you, wherever you are. So be happy and always have fun” and I got very emotional.
  • Yuto: I once had dreadlocks on my hair. When fans saw me in music shows or the comments, they said they wanted me to change my hair.
  • Kino: I read all the fans comments.
  • WooSeok: I saw a lot of comments that said “I listened to the song ‘Domino’ and cried a lot because the lyrics made me emotional” or “I’m so thankful for listening to ‘Domino’”. I felt like I was able to comfort these people at least a little and I really liked that. 

Have you ever had any kind of contact with Brazilian people or Brazilian culture? What was the reaction when you heard that the Prism Tour would pass through here and what do you expect from Brazil?

  • JinHo: I don’t have any Brazilian friends, so I have a lot of curiosity and eagerness to know how the country will be like.
  • Hui: At first I felt very honored to be able to go to Brazil to perform and I’m eager for the warm cheering and support.
  • HongSeok: I look forward to visit one more country. I look forward to the loving screams.
  • ShinWon: I really want to see Christ the Redeemer. Please.
  • Yeo One: I never had any contact with the Brazilian culture. That’s why I’m so excited for the concert! I ask you all to scream a lot, with a lot of passion!
  • Yuto: Since I was a child I was curious to visit Brazil. I’m from Japan and Brazil is on the other side of the world and it’s one of the countries I have a lot of curiosity about.
  • Kino: My close singer friends that had been in Brazil told me that it’s a country full of passion, that the concert culture is amazing. And that’s why I always wanted to perform in Brazil and I’m very happy to accomplish this dream! 
  • WooSeok: I’m going to Brazil for the first time and I really want to learn about the culture. I really want to try the foods too.


Pentagon has currently nine members. What is the best and worst part about having so many people in a group?

  • JinHo: The best part is that everyday something amazing happens and the worst part is that it’s hard to choose what to eat.
  • Hui: The best part is that it’s always fun and we never feel lonely. The worst part is that it’s hard to get everyone together.
  • HongSeok: We have a variety of opinions because we have so many members, but on the other hand, it’s hard for everyone to agree on the same idea.
  • ShinWon: It’s good because we have a lot of ideas. But this can turn out to be a negative point.
  • Yeo One: We have countless positive points. The negative one is that it takes too long to decide what to eat.
  • Yuto: The best part is that I don’t feel lonely and the older members takes good care of the younger ones. The worst part is that, since we all have to work together, it takes forever for us to choose what to eat.
  • Kino: The best part is that we can have countless formations during the performances and we have a lot of ideas. The worst part is that sometimes these ideas are not unanimous.
  • WooSeok: First of all, there isn’t one day that’s not fun. The members are like family and always give a lot of strength. We have many ideas and so we can gather different opinions. It has way more positives than negatives points, but I can say the high cost of meals is a negative point.


We did a game on social media in which the Brazilian Universes pointed out which character in the Avengers Universe (or MCU) best fit with each member and we would like to know your opinion about the answers:

Hongseok – Iron Man 

Hui – Captain America

Jinho – Groot

YeoOne – Hawkeye

Kino e Wooseok – Spider Man

The other members had a draw and we would like to know from Pentagon which option would suit better the super hero identity of these members. 

Shinwon – Loki, Rocket or Hawkeye

Yuto – Hulk, Thor ou Doctor Strange

Yanan – Ant-Man, Black Widow or Hawkeye

  • JinHo: Groot?…. It must be baby Groot, right? For ShinWon, Loki suits a lot.
  • Hui: I’d like to thank you very much, and as a leader I will continue to try my best.
  • HongSeok: everyone chose me as Iron Man… It’s a huge pleasure! ShinWon- Star -Lord / Yuto – Wong / Yan An – Loki
  • ShinWon: I like Loki.
  • Yeo One: ShinWon – Loki! / Yuto – Hulk! / Yan An – Black Widow!
  • Yuto: Hulk
  • Kino: That’s so cool! I wish I was Spiderman since I was a child. Universes really know me well!
  • WooSeok: Spiderman is my favorite. I’m happy because it seems like we can communicate. ShinWon – Loki / Yuto – Doctor Stranger / Yan An – Hawkeye

Do you have a group chat?

a. Who is the most talkative one?

  • JinHo: Yeo One
  • Hui: Yeo One
  • HongSeok: Yeo One
  • ShinWon: ShinWon
  • Yeo One: ShinWon
  • Yuto: Yeo One
  • Kino: Me
  • WooSeok: ShinWon

b. Who is the one who never answers?

  • JinHo: Hui, WooSeok
  • Hui: Hui
  • HongSeok: Hui, WooSeok
  • ShinWon: Hui
  • Yeo One: Hui
  • Yuto: WooSeok
  • Kino: Me
  • WooSeok: Me

c. Who sends the most voice notes?

  • JinHo: Kino
  • Hui: Kino
  • HongSeok: Yeo One
  • ShinWon: No one does.
  • Yeo One: No one!
  • Yuto: None of us kkk
  • Kino: No one does, but if I really have to choose someone I’d say Yeo One…?
  • WooSeok: There’s no voice notes.

d. Who is the one always making/sending memes / jokes / stickers?

  • JinHo: Yeo One
  • Hui: ShinWon
  • HongSeok: Yeo One
  • ShinWon: Yeo One
  • Yeo One: Me
  • Yuto: Yeo One
  • Kino: Yeo One
  • WooSeok: HongSeok


Aside from the Korean members, Pentagon also has members who were born and/or lived in other countries, resulting in a mix of cultures. Have you ever had any cultural clash with each other or even with international Universes?

  • JinHo: I think everyone has a really fun way to deal with things, so there is none!
  • Hui: I got very surprised because when Yuto first came to Korea, he was very polite and very nice.
  • HongSeok: We didn’t have a cultural clash until now.
  • ShinWon: We never had one… We are the world.
  • Yeo One: I was surprised because in Japan the cab’s door opens and closes automatically.
  • Yuto: I can’t eat a lot of spicy food, so the members always worry about me when we’re eating.
  • Kino: When we went to United States we saw a lot of people dancing to our music on the street. I was very happy and surprised.
  • WooSeok: To know and learn about culture is something really fun and interesting. It’s really nice to know the foundation of each culture.


Fans these days usually fall into two types: the “softs,” which are those who want to take care of their favorite idols and say cute things about them; and the “hards”, which are those that express themselves more ferociously. Inside Pentagon who tend to be softer and who is harder?

  • JinHo: softs – Yuto, Hui / hards – Yeo One, HongSeok, Kino.
  • Hui: softs – ShinWon, Yeo One, JinHo, Yuto, Yan An / hards – WooSeok, HongSeok, Kino.
  • HongSeok: softs – Yeo One, Kino, WooSeok, JinHo, Yuto / hards – Hui, HongSeok, ShinWon.
  • ShinWon: I am soft.
  • Yeo One: The members are all varied. I personally have very defined opinions, so I think I’m more of a ‘hard’ type!
  • Yuto: I think I’m a ‘hard’ because I express my opinion a lot.
  • Kino: I’m a ‘hard’. I think I’m like that because I like things well defined! 
  • WooSeok: I think I’m a “soft”.

Soft or hard stan, doesn’t matter! No one should miss the chance to check PENTAGON’s single concert in Brazil. Check Highway Star’s social media for tickets informations.

We’re very thankful for Pentagon‘s availability and for Highway Star and
Cube‘s teams who allowed this interview to happen.

Interview by Bea and translation by Lyssa| K4US Team

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