We had the chance to ask a few questions to SF9 during their time in Brazil and thinking about the international Fantasy, we decided to translate it to english so you can all enjoy it with us. Jilleosso.

SF9 had their first concert in São Paulo, Brazil at the august 25th and the gig was just awesone. The boys are fun, caring, attentive towards the fans and on top of that very talented. But the best part of it? THEY ARE NAUGHTY.

Yesterday (11/25/18) happened the first show of the SF9 in Brazil, more specifically in the city of São Paulo. The show left NOTHING to be desired! The boys are fun, caring, caring, and above all, TALENTED. But the high point to be said is: THEY ARE VERY… SEXY?

How’s that? Well, we can explain. During the first night of the two concerts weekend, the boys performed a lot of sexy dances and tried their best to show SF9’s seductive side – something we weren’t expecting. And during the interview they made it clear that they want to try an even sexier concept than “Now or Never”. You can read all about it bellow.

So, let’s go!


1) You guys have two songs with a foreign language title. How did that happen? Did you have any knowledge in this language?
We use foreign language to express better the song’s “vibe’. We also wanted to seem closer to international FANTASY through the songs’ title. And we specially like the meaning behind “O Sole Mio” and “Mamma Mia”. Nice, right?

2) Untill now what album did you enjoy the most while producing?
“Now or Never” because we took part in the majority of the album so we worked hard to make it.

3) Is there any pre debut dream that you already achieved?
Having our own stage and show SF9’s songs to the audience. Also meeting international FANTASYs.

4) Which concept you want to try in the future?
We would like to try hip hop and also something even sexier than “Now or Never”. Or maybe the opposite, a pure concept.

5 ) Which career would you choose if you were not idols?
Da Won: I didn’t think of anything, except being a singer.
Cha Ni: I would become an actor, maybe?
Hwi Young: I think I would be a student and study hard.
Ro Woon: I wanted to become a football player.
Young Bin: I would try a different style of music.
Taeyang: A normal office worker ..?
Zuho: Songwriter, I think.
In Seong: I would say that I would be a teacher.
Jae Yoon: I think I would become an athlete or a police officer.

6) What’s the best part of an idol’s life?
The best part is that we can take the stage and be loved by the fans. And the fact that we can give hope and courage to so many people.

7) Do you have any dreams that you would like to achieve with your fans?
We want to continue working as SF9 and to meet all the FANTASY around the world. And we want to do “fantasy” with our fans.

8) What is your relationship with the international FANTASY? Is language a barrier?
We think that FANTASY and SF9 are connected and can feel each other’s feelings. So language is not a barrier for us.

9) What artists are you most inspired?
Cha Ni: Tae Min of SHINee
Zu Ho: Kendrick Lamar
Ro Woon: Park Hyo Shin
Young Bin: Tablo of Epik High
Tae Yang: Michael Jackson
Da Won: Big Bang
In Sung: Bruno Mars
Hwi Young: Zico
Jae Yoon: Michael Buble

We are grateful to SF9 for giving a little of their time to answering our questions. We also appreciate your production for being so collaborative.
We hope fans will enjoy this content.


Interview by Deska and Bea | Translation by Bea, Guigo and Taiga
Photography by Chugga @ K4US Newsroom
www.k4us.com.br | Please do not use the content of this post without credits.


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