We will tell you about the first online show of one of the most beloved artists in Brazil, who delivered, as promised, much more than just an online concert. 

The first online concert of WOODZ (SeungYoun), NOT JUST A CONCERT: W – BOX, took place this Sunday (27/09). With the purpose of bringing the artist closer to fans from all over the world and showing his diverse skills, the concert brought references from the entire trajectory of his career, from his debut at UNIQ, to his new era as WOODZ. 

Here’s WOODZ in his natural habitat

K4US followed the show on the 27th and, like all the fans who filled the stream chat with comments, we were positively surprised by the creativity that WOODZ and his team needed (and had!) to overcome social isolation and give fans a fun and quality concert. 

The amazing setlist:

1.아무의미 (Meaningless)
 2.Lift up3.Accident
<VTR1 – Made by WOODZ>
<Talk show – Colde>
<VTR2 – Commentary 1>
<VTR3 – DRIVE – 디스맨>

6.파랗게 (Love Me Harder)
<VTR4 – painting>
<Talk show – keyword #>
Guest : Groovyroom
・ 사실은7.This Night (Groovyroom)
<VTR5 – Commentary 2>
11.Thanks to [New song]

<VTR – 주마등 (Memories)>


Meaningless right off the bat? Our hearts can’t take it, but it’s quite significant, right? SeungYoun wrote this song at a time when he was feeling empty and questioning his existence, so starting his first show, the realization of his big dream, as he quoted at various times during the night, with this song, had an even more special meaning .

Then, to change the mood, we had Lift up and Accident. Accompanied by a live band and sensational vocals, all songs had a makeover demonstrating the versatility of the all rounder as we know it.

The mood just changed, in fact, when the first VTR appeared: WOODZ commenting on all the preparation for the show, from the assembly of the structures to the mixing of the sound and his makeup, and, making the chat explode laughs, all these activities were being carried out by himself, using different costumes for each function. Showing how he made sure to put his soul into every detail of the show. 

A man of many talents

The end of the VTR brought us to a completely different set from the initial minimalist. Now, we saw a sofa, a table and a chair. The basic representation of a Talk Show and WOODZ was the host. He interviewed, live and by video call on a notebook, the first guest of the night: his friend and producer Colde, with whom he recorded the hit‘Waikiki’.

The only Talk Show that matters

After the interview, it was time for a new set to be presented: the bottom of a pool. It was easy to say that POOL was coming, right? With the help of the dancers, who have been with him since the beginning of his career, we were able to see, for the first time, the choreography for the music. Continuing it, in a very interesting transition, with little variation between one and the other, so that one seemed an extension of the other, we were presented with DIFFERENT, one of the chat´s darlings. Seung Youn was left alone on the set as if he were immersed in the scene. 

The performance ended up making room for another VTR, in a more intimate tone, with WOODZ commenting on how everything was thought for the show, how he and the team thought carefully about how things would be presented to the audience, including the name of the show. W-BOX has to do with something unknown, like a box, that we don’t know what’s inside, what to expect from it, but when we open it …. WOW !! how much surprise, how many possibilities … As if we needed to know him in order to know what he is capable of (AND HE´S GOOD AT EVERYTHING RIGHT?).

“I always wanted to perform with a live band. My dream came true today. It was very gratifying to perform with them. I hope my joy and contentment can be translated for you, I hope you feel it wherever you are.”


DRIVE came then, but not live! Here was one of the most interesting and fun points of the show. WOODZ sang the song on a VTR, driving a car, after commenting that he was going to pick up the second guest of the night: his badboy version of LOVE ME HARDER. The two even had a small dialogue in the car before the song was performed live.

What we wanted to know how to do at this moment: breathe

Oops, another VCR! This time Seungyoun showed one more of his skills: drawing and painting! Dressed as a well-known contemporary painter named Bob Ross, Seung Youn painted a picture with significant elements, a forest in the background with an SUV at the front and the W-BOX. He gave the name “Mysterious Forest”, to the picture haha very deep, right?

The second part of the show was marked by more conversations in Talk Show style and the guests of the time were the producer duo Groovyroom. As an important part of the show, GroovyRoom guests Hwimin and Gyujong went to personally honor WOODZ. As a partnership proposal in the future, SY sang songs produced by them and left the partnership proposal on the air.

By the way, MOODZ get ready: in the same conversation Luizy announced his comeback that should take place between November and December!

In yet another VCR, SeungYoun opened his heart to fans about how he feels about life. We translate a little bit:

“I want to have a wide view of the world, creating deep roots with light branches. That is my life motto. What do I love? Family, friends, my team … coffee, music, there are many things I love. Maybe I love everything. MOODZ, I think a lot. I have deep thoughts when I’m alone. That time really passes quickly. My short-term goal is to become someone better. Everyone has their ‘ends’, their ultimate goals, you know? And so that the people around me, people who love me can be proud of having chosen me to love, I want to be that person (someone better). For that to happen, I have to be a better person.’’


One more gift to the fans: Thanks To

Between the many surprises delivered to the fans, the final song of the show came as a bonus: release of the song ‘Thanks To’, written as a form of gratitude to the fandom, using the set as a background to project the lyrics of the song who made many MOODZs cry for sure.

Look at these lyrics (and come cry with us)

Thanks to your love
Remember all the moments with you
Thanks to your love
All the moments were sweet
It was more beautiful than anything
It was sweeter than anything
I will remember all the moments
So let us be like how we are in this moment
Thanks to your love
All the moments were beautiful
Thanks to your love
All the moments were sweet
Leave the bad memories behind
Let’s be happy as it is
Thanks to your love
We just keep it up, just keep it up
Thanks to your love, to you
Now take my love
We just keep it up, keep it up
With all my heart
Thanks, thanks, thanks’’
Cr: @woodzmdz


At this time, my dear readers, whoever has followed SeungYoun’s career since the beginning was in tears and this is not an exaggeration. In a much more intimate room, as if in the living room of our house, Seung Youn joined the band and the dancers as if it were a circle of friends to hang out with and started singing songs that were very, very important for his trajectory.

In addition to the unforgettable tracks from UNIQ, SeungYoun made sure of going through other moments, singing ‘HOW HAVE YOU BEEN’, by Luizy and DREAM (WOODZ), a song he performed with the Yuehua Boys in the Produce X 101 elimination.

The official MV by How Have You Been, by the way, was recorded in Brazil during his short stay here in 2016. 

To close this memorable night in an even more incredible way, SeungYoun released the MV for the song ‘Memories’, which brings very important and beautiful messages. The MV was recorded in a forest and it was as if it united everything he wanted to transmit with the show, totally thinking in the fans and for the fans.

Moral of the story?

The whole concert was all about the fans and that made it very, very special. The almost two hours of the show went by so fast that you couldn’t even feel it. Every moment there was something new, all the time we were taken by the joy and energy that constantly emanated from our Luizy.

It was amazing to see that he made a point of printing his identity on each part and more: he made sure of showing his different colors in all the phases he had in those years between trainee and renowned artist.

And his trademark is the constant gratitude to the fans. Very nice that he had the freedom to put together a concert that was just like him and that he could unite everything he likes at once. You could see and feel how harmonious everything was. A result of teamwork, which is also to be congratulated for putting together such an incredible concert using few elements, but a lot of love for what they do.

Honorable mention

We couldn’t finish this coverage without emphasizing something that, among all the positive surprises of the show, was what most caught our attention: 

Who is your bias? Ours is WOODZ!

Thanks To

K4US immensely thanks CJ&M, Yuehua Entertainment, WOODZ and their team for this opportunity! 

Text by Fran and Giu | English ver. by Laura| K4US writing team
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