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The long orange hair, the beige collant combined with fishnet pantyhose and the sexy moves have probably gone through your feed. To the sound of ‘Touch’, SoRi has become known by basically everyone on the K-Pop fandom through a fancam that has already more than 2 million views just on Twitter. Despite this, the artist still relies on crowdfunding campaigns to release her new projects and considering that her fans, the SweetNotes, decided to make SoRi’s story public.


SoRi has only three years of experience in the K-Pop industry but the variety amongst the projects she’s been involved with since then gets full attention. Her career began with the CocoSori duo, after that she went through the group Real Girls Project – which originated in the drama The IDOLM@STER.KR -, and she also reached the final top 9 in the survival MIXNINE, in which she was criticized by YG himself for being above the average age of other K-Pop artists. Today, about to reach her 28 years, Kim SoRi dedicates herself to more than 170k subscribers on her YouTube channel and is preparing to release her third single, under M.O.L.Entertainment. But before that, she gave an exclusive interview to K4US, telling us all about her relationship with the fans, the difficulties of working with sexy concepts, the competitiveness in the industry and more.



Your story became a hot topic because of a thread on twitter explaining not only your trajectory but also all the difficulties you’ve gone through on your career. What was the biggest challenge since you started as a K-Pop idol? Did you ever think about quitting?

I think everything was a challenge in order to reach my dream. I enjoyed everything I’ve done ‘till now it even though it was sometimes hard for me. I am always thankful for everything I got ‘till now.

Before I participated in the survival program MIXNINE, in order to become an idol I had to go through a lot of survival competition steps. I think this competition part was a little bit hard on me! Of course, after that I debuted as a solo artist but by that time I was worried if I would be able to do right thing or not.

Because I was  always looking forward to what I was going to do, I was also anxious. I feel like every work I do is an accomplishment to me. But because of the real result and low impact, sometimes I also feel like I should give up!


Your story has also captivated a lot of fans, especially abroad. Some of these people even encourage you by participating in your crowdfunding campaign. How do you feel about getting so much support and affection from so many different types of SweetNotes?

I thought only people who know about me found out about my story. But seeing that, people who never met me face to face, from countries I never visited before they support and cheer me like this, I can only feel happy and really thankful for this. Your cheers are encouraging me a lot.  By receiving your messages without expecting anything in return and for trusting me for the person I am, I can say that this became a really important and precious thing to me, which makes me think I should try new challenges again.


Considering the increasing number of fans from abroad, do you have any plans to visit other countries?

If I get the chance I really want to go. Not only for travelling but I also  wish I can show my live stage performance to those fans who love and support me

Do you have any remarkable or curious story about fans that you can share with us?

I actually have a lot of good memories. Everywhere I am going, my fans are really well mannered and kind. Even though they came to see me, I could see they show well behavior among them as well. When I held my fan meeting in USA I could see that a lot of them came from far away just to meet me. We danced to my song together and also had lunch together. When the meeting was over I felt like I was leaving behind a part of my family!


One of your ‘Touch’ fancams went viral because of your sexy moves. How do you feel about this kind of concept? Is it something you’re comfortable in or do you have to work harder to express this kind of concept?

Actually sexy concept was a really difficult concept for me. But while I was preparing for my solo debut I analyzed a lot of solo singers, male and female artists and I could realize that sexy concepts have a lot of charisma and appeals well to the public. Through my sexy concept, I tried not only to show a sexy SoRi but also a different brighter image of myself and I tried to combine sexy and cute concept together. Actually I didn’t know this concept would be so difficult to me. But I felt happy hearing from those who watched me that I was sexy.


In your videos you seem pretty confident about your body. Considering the aesthetic pressure that girls and women face all over the world and the standardization of skinny bodies as the ideal ones, what advice can you give them to better accept their own bodies?

Actually I am not confident about my body at all. As I am not tall nor I have a good body shape every time when I am shooting a video I have no confidence. But I didn’t know before my fans think that my body shape is pretty. I tried to think with more confidence about the body parts I don’t like. By doing this, even I feel awkward because of my complex.

Other people can see me differently and more charismatic. I think is important to love yourself and don’t be too conscious of the eyes of others around you. Actually I wasn’t able to be like this ‘till recently. I don’t think the size of a body and average [we believe she means ‘measures’] are important. What it’s important is how healthy and bright you are, this way you will look and feel amazing!


Aside from sexy concept, you’ve tried a lot of different things through your career. Do you have a favorite concept or something you’ve never tried and wants to do on next projects?

It’s a kind of difficult concept for me but I would like to try girl-crush or hip-hop style . I want to show off some swag! Like the international rappers.


We know that you’ve been criticized for being  older than the average of most K-Pop artists. If you could answer this statement, what would you say? How do you deal with negative comments?

I wasn’t worried about my age that much but when I received such critics I actually felt even more confident. As I mentioned earlier related to body confidence, I know who I am and I know myself, this is what brought me confidence. I didn’t think age was a problem, actually there are no actual main required characteristics for being an idol. I started later than people might expect but for me it was just the start. This was also a big hurdle to me because I thought that it would be wielded by others. But I understand this issue, but people thought I was more hurt than I was actually was.

Actually these days I started worrying about my age. By that time it was just an issue and not a burden to me but this time this problem became a source of worry to me as a person. But what is important is not to give up! Because everybody have worries and thoughts. What is important is how to overcome the problems with a positive mind.


In the past few years you took part in two projects, Cocosori and RPG (Real Girls Project). You we’re also a contestant in MIXNINE, in which you finished amongst the final TOP 9. And now you’re working on your solo career. What is your perspective on the K-Pop industry competitiveness? Do you feel that it’s specially difficult for women to make it in the business?

As I was able to reach my dream and working as a singer I feel really thankful! I think I was able to debut as a solo artist (something  I never could image) only because of my fans who always support and love me.

I am not a competitive person when I am doing something, I am always dealing with everything in a soft and calm way so being part of this competitive environment I think it was the most difficult part for me. As we are doing what we love with a pure heart I don’t understand why we should be competitive, this is something I do not like.  I think it’s not something easy to deal with. I would like to think cheering and supporting each other is a kind of competition as well. I want to compete in such competition. I think everybody should work hard in order to reach her or his dream and I think our effort should be recognized! I want to think that even a failure is something which helps me to grow and is something which can become an experience.

I think being a celebrity is thought to be a success  really difficult to reach but I wish to think the real success for me is to be content about myself and about the things I reached. Never think something that didn’t work out was a failure but just think that you did well.

Who are your inspirations inside and out of K-Pop?

Before I debuted as a solo artist I attended Katy Perry, Shakira and other international artists’ concerts. It was a real honor for me and I learned a lot. I was so surprised by Katy Perry’s energy on stage and I really liked Shakira’s brightness and sexy self.  Even when they were singing a lot of different songs and genres, the audience from kids to old people, all of them were dancing and singing together to their songs. This was something I thought was really cool!  An artist who can make people happy, this is the kind of artist I want to become.


Through your YouTube Channel people can get to know different sides of you. Amongst the contents you create for your Channel, SoriNotSorry, which one is your favorite?

Thank you a lot to my subscribers.  As you know there is no theme on my channel, I do a lot of different video content but the one which I think has a high impact is the dance practice. While I am practicing I feel a lot of joy and feel content in the end about the result. Also I am always looking forward for the reactions as well. I know a lot of you liked my haul videos but the first time I did it ,I didn’t have any confidence. But by seeing my fans reactions I got more interested and also got more confident. I prefer the content that makes my viewers watching with interest.


What was the best thing that ever happened to you along your career?

Being on stage and talking to my fans (heart)


As you must know already, SweetNotes are expecting a new single since the ‘I’m Ready’ promotions ended. What can we expect from the next comeback and what do you expect to achieve through this?

My new song is expected to be release by July! As my fans are always wondering and looking for my new upcoming songs, I am also looking forward to show you my new song!


Aside from the SoRi the fans know, we would like to know who SoRi is according to SoRi. Can you describe yourself to us?

Even though I look sexy on the stage, my real personality is easy-going, I am like an old man. My mother always scolds me because of this. I think it’s easy to see the advantages and disadvantages so when there is something difficult or when I have a problem, I do not worry for a long time and I forget really fast. But actually these days I don’t know a lot about my personality either. These days I began to worry a lot… Before I always liked being with people and always being bright but these days I became more introvert and I tend to like being alone.


Pop quiz game – Answer with the first thing that comes to your mind.

A word to describe the SweetNotes: BFF.

Favorite hair color: Natural color or red/orange.

Best way to relax: Laying on my bed at home.

A life motto: Let’s love and share.

Your spirit animal: I don’t know…

From: SoRi
To: SweetNotes around the world

Because of you, my SweetNotes I am always getting encourage and I feel like I can go to the next step. Thank you for loving me for who I am,  I will do my best not to let you down and stay with me. I love you!


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We’d like to thank our fairy Sori and M.O.L.Entertainment, for making this interview possible. We’re also thankful for the help of oIiviazhye e soriscult, who collaborated on the questions and are always spreading about SoRi’s work amongst the worldwide K-Pop community.

Interview by Bea Chugga| K4US Team @ Não remover sem os créditos

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