The 159cm MV has been taking the world by freely approaching LGBTQ+ content. This piece’s  artist/producer and film director were unknown untill now but we found them and brought an exclusive interview with some amazing revelations


Little is known about Tenny. Beatmaker, rapper and producer, the artist has gained attention from the public after releasing the 159cm music video, on june 25th. The reason for so much noise?

We’ve already discussed about how important it is for the public to see themselves represented by the artists they like and also about how little it is the representation of minorities going on the K-Pop field. We don’t see many artists willing to face these barriers and betting on inclusive content, considering that the industry refuses to take LGBTQ+ seriously. That’s why it’s important to value them and discuss about them whenever one of theses industry challengers shows up.

That’s also why when we find those artists, the K-Pop fans community goes wild.

The way the music video introduces the main characters and their relationship is an important detail and, I tell you guys, we must acknowledge it. On the article about representation on the K-Pop we have a classic example of relationship between women from a male point of view, in which the bodies might be connected but only for men’s entertainment. The 159cm Music Video shows honestly and naturally the relationship between two women. It’s that simple.

The music video has some tough scenes about violence against women, specially lesbian women. And also some insight about the social hypocrisy we face all over the world: in which even betrayal (in the MV’s case between a married woman and a religious leader) seems better than two women loving each other .

Gladly the music video ends with a sigh of relief and the happy ending we hope to see more often on LGBTQ+ productions.

Talking to K4US, Tenny explained about the music video: “We were trying to make a wave in people. I mean not just marketing but try to tell things that we should discuss more, you got me? I am basically christian and bible doesn’t allow these kinda relationships but love is just love, you know? That’s what we were tryna show”.

After watching 159cm we were curious about Tenny’s other projects. In his Youtube channel there were videos with up to 70 views. A day after the numbers in all the videos had increased significantly. Tenny told us that he didn’t expect this much response from abroad. “I guess there are a lot of people who is LGBT”, he commented on the number of LGBTQ+ supporters that watched the music video and ended up watching his other videos.

Tenny’s way on the music industry began back into 2011. Being and independent producer, the beginning wasn’t easy and only in 2015, when he had the opportunity to produce “새벽가로수길” by Baek Z Young, he reached the top charts in Korea. Since then he joined LeeSsang Company and had the chance to work with artists such as Lee Hi, B1A4, Nine Muses and also got two #1 on charts – one of them was “호랑나비”, hit from the tv show Show Me The Money 5.

Even though he succeeded in some of his projects, Tenny told us the industry ain’t easy. After betrayals and implication with other producers, he realized that being a producer wasn’t enough: “So I decided to go up front”, he tells about trying as a singer as well.

About new projects, Tenny told us he has some music ready. The only issue is to have enough money to release them. “I may got some attention from outside but in korea still no one knows me so… gotta hustle hard”.

If you got interested in Tenny’s work, there’s a list of songs he’s produced on his studio website, go check it.

Besides Tenny’s melodic and calm voice, the views’ success is also due to Lee Xuck, from XUCK FILM and the Music Video film director. He also talked to us and said that is interested on the LGBTQ+ matter not only personally but also professionally. “I am a son of a pastor, he has taught me that lgbt are mental illness or devil’s deception. When I was a student, I saw a picture of two North Korean soldiers kissing each other. I though at the time the ‘LOVE’ could not pressure anything beyond the times, violence, and borders.”

Xuck told us that when he wrote the video’s script he thought he couldn’t make it. And even people told him so, saying that he wouldn’t be able to direct again afterwards. But he showed the idea to Tenny, Tenny liked and only asked to change the situation from North Korea to South Korea.

And that’s what he did. The background is Korea’s 1980’s and Xuck explained a bit about the symbolism in the video: “The sake of two bottles was from the perspective of good and evil, and the snakes from the religious point of view”. He added that the first scenario was a suicide, but he changed his mind.

According to the director, the actresses who played JooHee (Park BoYeon) and MinJae (Song DoWon) – yes, babe, we do have the names of the characters who’ve been melting everyone’s hearts – loved the project and joined it without hesitation (a little curiosity: the name “Minjae” was usually a boy’s name. Back in the day Korean parents valued boys more and would name the baby even before they were born).

“Korea is also a closed country. However, there are small changes in Korea recently. I think it will change little by little”, Xuck explained about the LGBTQ+ community in nowadays Korean society.

Just like Tenny, the director didn’t expect the Music Video to reach so many people. After working as a freelancer and with a company, through this project he was able to write his own script, in a partnership with a friend: “it is very special and precious for me”.

Both artists posted on instagram to thank the fans love and support.





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[This was written by my puppy] Hello! My name is Si-Wal, meaning October in korean. I'm Tenny's puppy. Thank y'all for over 0.7 million views and it's still going up. I used to eat Pedigree but now Tenny feeds me Cesar! . We don't know how to thank all of you for such great interests and supports. So I think I will bite Tenny if he doesn't creats more better music. . Again! Thank you all! Love you! . From Si-Wal, Tenny's puppy . [시월이가 쓴 편지] 안녕하세요! 시월이에요. 70만이 넘는 조회수 감사합니다! 아직도 계속 올라가고있어요! 덕분에 제 사료가 건사료에서 캔사료로 바뀌었어요! . 어떻게 감사를 드려야할지 몰라 편지로 써요! 만약에 더 좋은 음악이 나오지않으면 제가 테니를 물어버릴게요! . 다시 한 번 감사합니다! 사랑해요! . 시월이가

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Xuck and the team behind 159cm MV are really happy with the public response. In XUCK FILM Youtube channel they uploaded a B&W version of the video. Xuck ended the conversation with an important addition: “Oh, and my name is not a swear word. Please don’t read Fuck! lol”.

Social Medias:
Tenny: Insta / Youtube
XUCK FILM: Insta / Youtube
Actress: Song DoWon / Park BoYeon

We from K4US are very thankful to Tenny and Xuck, for willing to talk to us, their effort, friends and google translate.

NOTE: In K4US we use the LGBTQ+ term regarding the community.
The use of the term LGBT along the article is based on the
interviewees quotes, which we chose not to alter


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