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K-Pop’s 3rd generation fans might have memories when hearing the name DALsooobin. That’s because one of the current soloists in the game just got a new stage name by mixing her actual name (and former stage name, Subin) and her former group’s name (Dal☆Shabet). “There are a lot of people called Soobin. I wanted to […]

One of K-Pop’s biggest acts nowadays, MONSTA X is coming back to Brazil. The concert will take place on july’s 19th, at the Espaço das Américas, in São Paulo as a part of the “WE ARE HERE” World Tour, which mainly promotes their 3rd album “Take.2 We Are Here”. The Brazilian producer company Highway Star […]

From difficulties during the recordings to expectations about Brazilian fans, the girls talk about career and fans. Between the end of January and the beginning of February, the Brazilian Miracles had the honor of sharing the same country as Oh My Girl. And we, from K4US, had the pleasure of interviewing the girls and finding […]

We had the pleasure to interview VAV! We asked about the tour and their perspective on Brazilian fans as usual. But this time we were in deep! We found that hidden spot inside their souls and asked what is happiness to each one of them and other personal stuff. On top of that each member […]

South Korean has one of the largest game industries in the world. And even though 40% of the players are women, they still have to fight in order to be accepted by the community. FAMERZ are here to prove that. The Hallyu Wave, in its original definition, goes far beyond K-Pop. Started in the 1990s, […]